The Miami Herald
January 1, 1986

A Coral Springs business accused last April of improperly arranging adoptions never should have been ordered closed, a state appellate court ruled Tuesday.

Broward Circuit Judge Larry Korda granted an order in April sought by state welfare officials to temporarily shut down the unlicensed National Adoption Counseling Service.

The company closed.

The Fourth District Court of Appeal ruled Tuesday the Florida Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services had no authority to close the agency, which helped couples find babies to adopt for a $10,000 fee.

The state should have sought criminal charges if it believed the business was operating illegally, the court ruled.

The department contended owner Richard Gitelman could not arrange adoptions without a state license.

Gitelman could not be reached Tuesday for comment.

Morton Laitner, an attorney for the department, said he would recommend the state agency appeal the decision.


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