As we all know, the UK Family Courts, have been opened up for Public Scrutiny, from April 2009, after 3 years of  campaigning by John Hemming MP,and other  Organizations like Parents Against Injustice, but the corruption, within these establishments, never cease to amaze me.
PAIN was representing a Client last Wednesday, within this arena in Cumbria, i was ill, so another Representative turned up, to act as a Mackenzie Friend, due to the Lady not having any Legal Representation, her Partner did have a Solicitor present.
On arrival at Court, Yvonne was told by the Client, that if PAIN continued to be involved in this Case, the Parents would have their children adopted,and continuing assessments would be canceled , a mockery of British Justice, even the husbands Solicitor objected to us being there, which says that this Solicitor will pander to Local Authority requests,which could result in forced adoption.
I have already taken up our concerns, with John Hemming MP, and will be writing to the Legal Services Commission , to complain about the conduct of the Solicitor.
Blackmail has forced us out of representing this poor Lady,and i despair for the future.
Alison Stevens Parents Against Injustice,



i despair for the future.

I get many private emails from adults who were put in care, and I have yet to have one adult from the UK tell me he has faith or hope for the future, especially when it comes to the government's interest in the many types of abuse taking place while in-care.  Seems the lives of children don't matter much once they are removed from the first parents.

The more I learn about the child placement system within the UK, the more I am in awe... I just posted a wrongful removal case in which the new mother had her twins taken away because she exhibited "anger problems".  [See:  'Social workers took away my twins after I'd joked that birth spoilt my body' ]  I honestly had to laugh... how is a parent supposed to react when they are told (by a stranger) "Your child/children are going to be taken away"?  How does that fear (of removal) go away, and how does that sort of stress NOT affect a marriage, a family, a future?

Intellectually, I can understand how the target/quota system works and operates.  The more healthy babies/very young children there are available to foster/adopt, the more people will WANT to foster/adopt.  It's perhaps the most immoral marketing strategy imaginable.  It's scary to think how much worse the situation could be, if not for people like Mr. John Hemming (MP).

I have to ask, even though it may seem silly of me -- HOW is so much power given to social services, and why aren't there more politicians showing a genuine concerned interest in wrongful removal cases? 

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