Jury Indicts Bowman in Theft, Daughters' Deaths

Date: 2009-06-18

Adopted Girls' Bodies Were Found in Freezer; Mom Kept Collecting Payments After Deaths

By Dan Morse
Washington Post Staff Writer

A woman previously charged with killing two of her adopted daughters in Montgomery County and storing their bodies in a freezer for more than a year was indicted in the slayings today and also on charges of stealing from the District by collecting adoption remittances after their deaths.

Renee D. Bowman, 43, was indicted on six counts related to the deaths of her two daughters and the abuse of a surviving child. Bowman is accused of killing the two children in Montgomery and hiding their bodies in a freezer, where they remained as she moved first to Charles County and then to Calvert County.

The case against Bowman began in September 2008, when her 7-year-old daughter was found wandering their Calvert neighborhood. Calvert authorities searched her house, where they discovered two bodies in a freezer. The bodies were later identified as those of Minnet C. Bowman, who would have been 11 at the time of the discovery, and Jasmine N. Bowman, who would have been 9, according to authorities.

Bowman is charged in Calvert with attempted murder, child abuse and other offenses. Her trial is scheduled for September


Another "See you in September"

Not too long ago, it was announced that Canada is one step closer to creating a child trafficking bill.  [More talks about this important subject - child selling to not-so-good people - will resume this fall.] 

Now we have the case of the Amother who loved her adopted children so much, she may have chopped them like firewood, packed them in the freezer and still collected her entitled subsidies.

September, as my kids go back to school, will find me really watching the news -- it just may prove to be an interesting month.

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