Impact: Confessions of a conman

Date: 2006-06-22
Source: IBN Live

New Delhi: All this week CNN-IBN has been running a special series on adoption rackets across the country uncovered by the Special Investigation Team.

After the team's expose on the illegal adoption racket in Rourkela, the man at the centre of the controversy has confessed that his organisation is not registered.

Sahyog is one of the two illegal adoption centres based in Rourkela. It is run by Delhi-based chartered accountant, Manjit Singh Pardesi.

Workers at Sahyog had admitted to CNN-IBN that Sahyog had conducted 15 illegal adoptions in the past year.

"We take anything between Rs 6,000 to Rs 10,000 plus donation," Sahyog’s accountant, Simon Juju said.

Singh who had earlier not responded to our calls, rushed to the CNN-IBN office after the report was aired to deny any wrongdoing.

Singh indicated that his organisation had conducted 15 adoptions and all were duly registered.

But our findings suggested that Singh's Sahyog is unregistered.

"He is not registered with us or the Orissa government," Member Secretary, ACA, Pune, Bijoyani Das said.

Following these revelations, Singh too had admitted that Sahyog was not registered.

"Preet Mandir are the elephants in the game, I am an ant in comparison to them," Singh said.

But what encouraged Singh to set up his adoption racket in Rourkela?

It could be Singh’s sister, Joginder Kaur, who till recently used to manage Global Village, the other illegal adoption centre exposed by CNN-IBN's Special Investigation Team.

However, when asked Singh was quick to distance himself from her.

"No, no, I have nothing to do with her," Singh said.

(With Jajati Karan in Orissa, and Parul Malik and Siddarth Gautam in Delhi)


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