Valery Kudina works for Adoption Abroad Agency

Adoption Abroad, Inc.


Let me introduce myself. I am Valerie Kudina.
I have been a member of Yunona Team for more than thirteen years. I graduated from the Kuban State University in Krasnodar and my major is the English language and a foreign literature. All my life I have been working with the children. I used to teach the English language to the orphans in Russia and I know that many of my students are successful in their carrier and grateful to me for the knowledge I gave them. But I would say I am even more grateful to them.

Because the children taught me to be sincere, frank, open minded and to appreciate every favor or kindness you get. What comes around - goes around and I believe in that.
I am very grateful to Ivan Jerdev and our team for being together in such a wonderful and noble thing - adoption. Sometimes it is stressful and tiresome but there are pictures of happy children which are at my desk who live in America. And every time I look at these happy faces and think - I have done something to make them happy!

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