East West Adoption Staff

Date: 2003-08-24
Source: website


Sharonn Gittelsohn, LCSW
Founder and Executive Director Sharonn has been professionally involved with adoptions since the early 1970's, and has personally assisted hundreds of prospective adoptive parents, both single persons and couples, through the adoption process.

Diana Adams
Foreign Adoption Director
"My goal is to provide families wishing to adopt the knowledge and experience I have gained through both adopting 5 of my own children as well as helping hundreds of other families adopt internationally."

Diana Adams, international program director, has helped over 100 children a year to find loving homes in the United States. Diana became involved in facilitating international adoptions after going through the process in her own family. She is deeply committed to finding nurturing, secure, loving and permanent homes for children who have never known the love of a mother or father, and the safety and security that brings. Diana Adams is associated with Barbara Harle, another adoptive parent, in finding suitable prospective adoptive families.

Charla Wistos
Guatemalan Program Director

Charla is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a private practice. She teaches Biology and General Science at a local high school, supervise interns at a local agency that offers counseling services to emotionally disturbed children, and most importantly she is an adoptive mother of three girls Maya Rocio (6 1/2 years), Ana Lucia (5 years) and Alejandra Noemi (3 years) from Guatemala.


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