Deb's House

Date: 2007-01-01
Source: FTIA

Speranta Copiilor

FTIA website:
On June 1, 2000 a children's home in Botosani Romania was opened by Debra Murphy-Scheumann and Special Additions.

This beautiful two story, four bedroom, two bath house is "home" to 14 orphaned children and has become affectionately known as "Deb's House." It was the dream of SAI families and friends that turned into a reality. This non-governmental organization (NGO) is officially recognized in Romania as Asociatia Special Additions.

In 2007, FTIA became sponsors of "Deb's House" and continues on with the mission that Special Additions started. Keeping the house open in Romania continues to be a struggle since international adoptions have been closed since 2004. This closing of adoptions from Romania left tens of thousands of children in Romania without permanent families. Our goal is to give the children at “Deb’s House” a home-like environment and an education so that they have hope and a future.

We rely on donations to fund this mission and keep the children in this home environment. To make a donation, please click the “Donate” button below and specify “Romania” in the field that allows you to designate the purpose of your donation. Please contact us for more information on donations or to offer sources of funding!


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