History of Love the Children

Date: 2009-05-18

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History of Love the Children

Love the Children, a licensed nonprofit 501(c)(3) adoption agency, was founded by Mary L. Graves in 1978. Ms. Graves spent a lifetime dedicated to children in need of adoptive families. She had spent many years working under the direction of Pearl S. Buck before establishing her own agency. Her goal in establishing Love the Children was to place children, primarily from Korea, in American homes while at the same time giving back to South Korea in gratitude for the priceless gift of their children. Ms. Graves believed that if Americans understood what a small donation of time, talent or money could do for the waiting children, nothing would be impossible. She was aided in her efforts by Ms. Cecelia K. Park who had become familiar with Ms. Graves’ work in Korea and who dedicated her own professional life to helping establish Love the Children.

Under Ms. Graves’ direction Love the Children assisted Eastern Social Welfare Society in Korea to build elementary, middle and high schools for children with disabilities. In addition, Love the Children has helped Eastern to build a hospital for children who are ill and a home for women who need assistance while pregnant.

Since 1978, Love the Children has placed over 4,000 children from Korea in US homes in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts.

When Ms. Graves passed away in 1997, Ms. Cecelia Park was named director of the agency. Born and educated in Korea, Ms. Park came to the US to assist Ms. Graves in her work for the children. Under her capable leadership, Love the Children continues to place infants who are referred by Eastern Social Welfare Society in Korea.

Mary Graves and Cecelia Park being honored in Korea by Eastern Social Welfare Society.

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