Guatemala - trafficking ring in Coatepeque

Josefa Tema was given drugged juice, when she awoke, her 2 month old daughter, and her own ID papers were gone.
Noelia Ceballos was offered a housekeeping job during her pregnancy. A woman visitor to the home tried to convince her to relinquish her child. After she awoke from giving birth, her employers and the woman threatened to kill her unless she put her thumbprint on blank papers.
Maria Lopez worked in the same home. The employers held her 3 year old daughter hostage and threatened to harm her infant son unless she relinquished him.
These 3 women and at least one other mother went to prosecutor Mario Orozco with stories of the children being stolen.

Orozco obtained a warrant to search a GC law office and from there located 2 homes where the 4 infants were being held. The children were returned to their mothers. Orozco filed charges against seven members of the suspected adoption ring. One of the women charged had served six months in prison three years prior for trafficking in infants.
Date: 2000-01-01
Number of children: 4


Coatepeque, Quetzaltenango
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