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New Beginnings has successfully placed children directly from Eastern Social Welfare Society (ESWS) since our founding in 1985. Adoptions from Korea have a well deserved reputation for excellence. Eastern Social Welfare Society’s operation in Korea is extensive. Many birth mothers live in a Mother’s Home where they are counseled and cared for during pregnancy. After delivery, the child is cared for in the Love the Children’s Hospital at Eastern. Then the child is placed in a foster home where he or she is loved and nurtured. At about nine to twelve months of age, the child is ready to be escorted to the United States to be placed with a permanent family.

The level of service and the commitment of Eastern Social Welfare Society is very high. The medical care is excellent and the medical information is full and complete. However, we do see referrals of children that have medical concerns. Although this is true for all programs, it is more prevalent in the Korean Program. The indicated problem would not rise to the level of special needs, but it can cause anxiety for the adopting family. New Beginnings will be able to keep the length of time for Korean adoptions to 18 to 24 months.

Korean AdoptionFor families selecting the Korean Program, you will be working closely under the supervision of Cathy Danowski, Korean Program Director. She will assist and guide you through the adoption process.

The Korean Program is premier in international adoption. For families that fit within the requirements of the program, Korea adoption should be seriously considered.

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