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Date: 2007-07-16

Contact Us
Our office telephone number is 856-435-2222.
You may send us a Fax at 856-435-3555.

If you prefer to drop us an Email Message, Click one of the links Below:

To send a General Email to Reaching Out - Click Here
To receive an Information Package or to reach our Administrative Assistant, Kim Collins - Click Here
To reach Jeannene Smith, Founder - Click Here.
To reach Sonia Baxter, Executive Director - Click Here.
For information on our Home Study Services or to reach Carol Eiferman, our Social Work Supervisor - Click Here.
To reach Don Smith, Asia Programs Coordinator (China, Kazakhstan, Nepal and Taiwan) - Click Here.
To reach Tara McGowan, Central/South America (Guatemala) Programs Coordinator - Click Here.
To reach Barbara Abbott, Administrative Assistant to Social Work - Click Here
To reach Danielle Bergeron, Client Liaison in Massachusetts - Click Here
To reach Jeanie Lewis, Client Liaison in Alabama - Click Here
To reach Joe or Marjorie Ginder, Client Liaisons in Florida and Texas- Click Here
To reach Joan McNamara, Client Liaison in North Carolina - Click Here
To reach Jennifer Dargi, Client Liaison in Massachusetts, New York and Connecticut - Click Here
To reach Patti Urban, Director of Development - New England - Click Here

For other questions or other country related information, please direct your correspondence to our Director, Sonia Baxter.

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