FCA Korea program

Date: 2009-05-09
Source: FCA website

Adopting from Korea

The Korea Program at FCA was established in 1982. Since then we have placed nearly 2,000 children with families through the U.S. We have an excellent longstanding contractual relationship with the Social Welfare Society of Seoul (SWS), one of four private child placement agencies in South Korea. We place Korean children throughout the United States.

Program Details

Children Available Infant boys and girls (usually more boys than girls); usually arriving in the U.S. approximately at 10 to 12 months of age. The infant's gender may not be specified for first adoption. Special needs children are also available
Cost Please call us for detailed information..
Parents' Age Couples between the ages of 25 and 44
Length of Marriage Must be married at least 3 years
Divorce May apply if only one divorce by either applicant.
Single Applicants Not eligible
Children in the Family Up to four children in the home.
Timeframe Number of children available each year is set by Korean government quota.
Travel Requirements Families are required to travel (usually a period of 5-7 days) where they will meet their child's caseworker and foster parents.
Special Features of FCA's Program Infants are in individual foster care (not orphanages) while they await adoption. Medical reports from Korea are generally reliable. Additional information can be requested.

We provide educational classes focusing on raising children born in Asia.

FCA arranges annual Korean cultural events.

The Process

Homestudy Connecticut and New York residents should apply for a homestudy with FCA. Out-of-state adoptive parents need to obtain a homestudy from a licensed agency in their state.
Immigration Forms Once the home study is completed, parents need to apply immediately to the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS) for permission to bring an orphan into the U.S. This involves obtaining and filing the I-600 A form and arranging for a fingerprinting appointment.
Referral There is no dossier for Korea. FCA will send your homestudy to SWS in Korea. Referrals are currently received in approximately 5 months. After you accept your referral, you can expect your child to arrive in approximately three months; however, this timeframe can vary and can be affected by Korean government quotas.
Follow-Up Follow-up support for the family will be provided by the homestudy agency in the family's state of residence. This consists of three post-placement visits over a 6 month period to help with the infant's adjustment and the finalization of the adoption in the local court.

For more information about FCA's Korea program, contact Kathy Sacco at ksacco@fcagency.orgT or call 866.222.9817 toll-free.

For general adoption questions, e-mail us at: adoption@fcagency.org, or call us at 203.855.8765.


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