Kim Hanson

Kim Hanson
As a Holt adoptee, Kim’s connection to Holt has been with her all her life. Kim and her husband Skip have 3 children ages 10 to 17 years, the youngest adopted from Korea through Holt. Kim has traveled with Holt donor teams to Korea, Vietnam, and Cambodia. Kim enjoys traveling, reading, and shopping. As a Holt Board member, she also enjoys giving back to Holt. She is actively involved in volunteering and fundraising for Holt through the Omaha Auction and other auctions, airport greeter and more. Kim says, “I am a Holt adoptee and my life has been touched by all who are involved at Holt.”

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Holt International Children's ServicesBoard member2006-01-01
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Kim HansonWas adopted fromRepublic of Korea (South Korea)
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2009 Board of Directors, Holt International2009-05-09

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