2009 Board of Directors, Holt International

Date: 2009-05-09
Source: Holt website

The Holt International Children’s Services Board of Directors is a governing board with a geographically diverse group of directors representing adoptees, adoptive parents, and functional experts with experience in child welfare and special needs, financial, and business operations. These board members volunteer their time and resources to help with the Holt mission to find families for children.

Will Dantzler, Chairman
Will Dantzler was found in the war-torn streets of Seoul, Korea in 1958 as a four-year old named Jang Yong Duck. He was taken in by Harry Holt, founder of Holt International, and placed with adoptive parents Willie and Carnell Dantzler of Dayton, Ohio. Today, Will is the founder and CEO of NetBase Corporation, a technology consulting business in Northern Virginia where he lives with Anita, his wife of 22 years, and their three daughters. Will has served on the Holt Board of Directors for seven years, most recently as Vice Chair. A graduate of the United States Air Force Academy and holder of two master’s degrees, Will served in the Air Force and worked in the information technology sector prior to launching his business.

Jeff Saddington, Vice Chairman
Jeff and his wife Carol are the parents of five children, ages 17 to 25 years. They adopted three children through Holt, all from Korea beginning in 1983. Jeff is a retired executive with 30 years at Johnson & Johnson. He is now a full time Seminary student at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary in the Masters of Divinity program. Jeff and his family lived overseas in Tokyo for three years in the early 1990’s. Jeff is active in his church (Presbyterian). He enjoys time with family, reading, photography, and travel. Jeff has traveled with Holt to Korea and India. As a Holt Board member, Jeff enjoys “trying to be most effective to help the organization best help children we seek to serve.”

Andy Bailey
Andy Bailey is the Vice President of Lueder Construction Company in Omaha NE. The parents of six children, Andy and his wife Susan adopted five of their children through Holt (from India and Romania). Andy has been involved with Holt since 1997, and has traveled to India. He also enjoys dog training, photography, and hunting. Andy writes, “I would like my fellow Board members to know I greatly admire all the different strengths and viewpoints that they bring to the Board.” What he most enjoys about being a Holt Board member is “knowing that what we do helps thousands of children.”

Julie Banta
Julie has been involved with Holt for the last 14 years through adoption, fundraising and co-founding an adoption support group. Julie and her husband Steve have seven children, three birth children and four adopted from Brazil, Thailand and Hong Kong. Several of the children have special needs, which have significantly broadened her parental experiences. Julie’s educational background includes a degree in special education and a Master’s Degree in Learning Disabilities. Julie has traveled as a Holt Board member to Mongolia, Vietnam, Uganda, India, China, Thailand, and the Philippines. Julie’s escape time is in the form of Bible study, reading, and tennis. “Being on the Board of Holt is a privilege, which allows me to serve God by serving children. What greater honor is there?” Julie Banta states, “through faith in God, our children - both birth and adopted, and service on Holt Board, my life has been enriched and blessed beyond measure.”

Jim Barfoot
Jim and his wife Leah have four adopted children (all through Holt Sahathai) and two birth children. They started with Holt in 1987. Jim serves as President and Chief Operating Officer of Troutlodge, Inc., the world’s largest producer of Rainbow trout eggs. The company ships eggs to over 40 countries (several of the countries have Holt facilities) and 35 states in the USA. The worldwide nature of the business keeps Jim on the go. He attempts to visit each country at least once every two years. When not earning frequent travel miles, he and Leah enjoy boating, church activities, camping with the kids, and travel. As a Holt Board member, Jim has traveled to Romania, South Korea, India, and China. What he most enjoys about being a Holt Board member is trying to help children in need.

Becca Brandt
Becca and her husband Kim are Holt parents with six adopted children and two birth children, aged 19-29. As a Board member and family physician, Becca has visited Russia, Hong Kong, Haiti, China, India, Nepal, Philippines, Ukraine, Korea, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Guatemala, and Mongolia. She does volunteer work with a Down Syndrome Parent Support Group and is a member of various committees in her church. She also enjoys gardening, traveling and good mystery novels. Becca says as a Holt Board member she enjoys "involvement with Holt on so many levels, getting to know other Board members; strengthening my faith." Becca says, “I was deeply touched by knowing Grandma Holt. I always try to remember, ‘What would Grandma Holt do?’ ”

Dean Bruns
Dean became acquainted with Holt through family connections. Dean’s wife, Cristy, is the niece of CEO Kim Brown. For the past twenty years Dean has felt God’s call on his life to serve in Christian ministry to children and families. For the last eight years, he has worked in business development and resource acquisition for an international family ministry organization. “It takes people of vision and leadership, like Harry and Bertha Holt, and those who follow in their footsteps to dedicate their lives to facilitate the matching of children in need with healthy families who can provide love, nurture, and opportunity. The mission that Harry and Bertha founded continues to this day, based on the belief that God’s love is demonstrated in providing children with loving family relationships.”

Larry Cahill
Larry and his wife Lisa have been involved with Holt for some twenty years, having adopted three sons through Holt (from Thailand). Larry has served nine years previously on Holt’s Board of Directors, including 3 years as Board Chair.

Wilma Cheney
Wilma Cheney has served continuously on the board since 1968 and was elected a lifetime member of the board in 1996. She has been married to husband, David, for 58 years and is the mother of 7 children, 4 biological sons and 3 Holt-kid daughters. There are 10 grandchildren. She has been a worker in various Christian or Presbyterian churches since 1947. She and Dave, who is a retired airline pilot/rancher, have owned and operated Martin Airfield, a General Aviation airport at College Place/Walla Walla, WA since 1998.
As board member she has served on almost every committee, chaired the Personnel and Nominating Committee, and held the office of Vice-President and Secretary.
She feels serving on the board is a wonderfully satisfying way to "give back" for blessings received from adoption of their wonderful daughters.

Cindy Davis
Cindy and her husband Randall became acquainted with Holt through their neighbors. Cindy and Randall have attended Holt charity events in Dallas area for about 9 years. As a Board member, Cindy has traveled with Holt to Mongolia, India, Philippines, Ukraine, Romania, Thailand, Uganda, Vietnam, and Korea. She also volunteers as a court appointed child advocate (CASA). Cindy has education and job experience in nursing and hospital administration. Her husband Randall is an oncologist. Cindy enjoys being a Board member and “meeting other Christians and doing the work of the Lord to help children around the world.”

Ross Edwards
Ross and his wife Gloria have two sons, and one adopted daughter. They also have six grandchildren ages 3 to 23 years. Ross is one of the founders of Webcor Builders, and enjoys volunteering for Holt, the Lutheran Church, consulting for Christian groups for building projects, and Bayshore Christian Ministry. During leisure times, he enjoys traveling to Jackson Hole, Wyo. and Hawaii where his hobbies include fishing, golfing, running and hiking. In his 20+ years as a Board member, Ross has traveled to Korea, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Philippines, India, Romania, El Salvador, Guatemala, Ecuador, Bolivia and Hungary. Ross says, "I love the work that Holt does – we must act with urgency to help more children find families of their own.” As a Board member, Ross enjoys Christian fellowship and the opportunity to help homeless children.

Bud Fitzgerald
Bud was adopted through Holt in 1957. He and his wife Kitt have two children, a 21 year old son and 24 year old daughter. Bud is a Federal Prosecutor for the U.S. Attorney’s Office who also volunteers as a Teen Court Judge and a Trial Advocacy Judge. Bud enjoys reading, hiking, and bicycling. Bud also enjoys being a Holt Board member for “the experience of fellowship and service.” Bud states, “I will never be able to fully repay my debt to Holt.”

Kim Hanson
As a Holt adoptee, Kim’s connection to Holt has been with her all her life. Kim and her husband Skip have 3 children ages 10 to 17 years, the youngest adopted from Korea through Holt. Kim has traveled with Holt donor teams to Korea, Vietnam, and Cambodia. Kim enjoys traveling, reading, and shopping. As a Holt Board member, she also enjoys giving back to Holt. She is actively involved in volunteering and fundraising for Holt through the Omaha Auction and other auctions, airport greeter and more. Kim says, “I am a Holt adoptee and my life has been touched by all who are involved at Holt.”

Karen Howze
Karen is an adoptive parent of children with special needs. She is a Magistrate Judge for the District of Columbia Superior Court. She volunteers with Girl Scouts National Capitol Region Women’s Advisory Council and the National Council of Juvenile and Family Judges. As an author and lecturer, Karen has traveled to Liberia for UNICEF and the ABA.

David Kim
David worked with Harry Holt in the 1950s and 1960s. David is greatly respected in the field of child welfare and adoption. He serves as an ambassador for Holt's work throughout the world. As a Board member and President Emeritus of HICS, David enjoys seeing Holt continue to grow and serve children. He's grateful for his many years being associated with Holt. He gives glory to God for making Holt such a great organization.

Kenneth Matsuura
Ken and his wife Diane have been involved with Holt since 1981 when they adopted their youngest daughter (from Korea). They have gone on several Holt trips including Korea, Vietnam, and Cambodia.

Joseph Matturro
Joe is the father of three children, now adults; two of whom were adopted from Korea and the Philippines. He has seven grandchildren, ages 1 to 9 years. Joe is a retired corporate executive with 35 years of experience, working for such companies as Pan American World Airways, United Technologies, and more. Joe enjoys history and global studies, all water activities and skiing. He has traveled with Holt gift and donor teams to Korea, Vietnam, and Cambodia. Joe has been a practicing Roman Catholic all his life and is active in his local parish. He is a very proud father and is a grandfather to 8 stunning grandchildren -- 6 girls and 2 boys. He writes, “I would like my fellow Board members to know that I’m more sensitive than I might appear and that I truly believe that Holt can be grown substantially.” As a Holt Board member, Joe enjoys the chance to contribute to the needs of the children and associate with the other Board members.

Claire Noland
Claire and her husband, Michael are parents to four children. They have been involved with Holt for 18 years, when they began the adoption of their first of two children from Korea. Claire is a reading specialist, teaching at-risk children. In 2000, Claire and her oldest daughter, Lauren, traveled with a Holt gift team to Ecuador. Her husband Michael has also traveled with a Holt team to Vietnam.

Rick Salko
Rick and his wife Melissa, came to know Holt through the adoption of their twin daughters in 2003 from China. Since then, the Salkos have volunteered to meet with waiting families, counseling others on why they “chose Holt and how Holt is leading the way in caring for the children still in China”. Rick is dentist with a private practice for over 15 years. The Salkos have been active members in the Redeemer Anglican Church in Jacksonville for 11 years. They are also involved with First Coast Families with Children from China.

Francis Wankowicz
Francis and his wife Barbara began their association with Holt in 1989, ultimately adopting their three children – two sons (ages 18 & 16) and a daughter (age 15). Drawn to Holt because of its advocacy for children worldwide, effectiveness in the US and overseas, and commitment to family preservation as well as adoption, he and Barbara have taught pre-adopt classes, worked with other families confronting adoption issues, participated in the Holt Family Tour, and developed deep and lasting friendships within the Holt community. As a Board member Francis recognizes both the privilege and responsibility of serving children through Holt’s efforts, and is often humbled by the passion, character and commitment of Holt’s staff and his colleagues on the Board.


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