Bridge of Love Adoption Service (China)

Bridge of Love Adoption Service

The Bridge of Love Adoption Service (BLAS) is licensed by the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People’s Republic of China to provide adoption-related services to foreign adoption organizations and individual adopters.

Our aim:

We are committed to serving the best interests of both adopters and adoptees and assisting them in completing all the necessary procedures of adoption in China, making the process convenient, quick, dependable and satisfactory.

Our resources:

BLAS has established cooperative relations with 16 countries and all the adoption registration organs affiliated to civil affairs departments of all Chinese provinces and all adoption service centers.

BLAS boasts a 30-strong contingent of translators and interpreters, who offer translation services in a number of foreign languages both on line and on the one-to-one basis. The BLAS Zhongfu International Travel Service, licensed by the State Travel and Tourism Administration, is noted for its first-class minute and caring services.

Our services:

Consulting: BLAS acts as a bridge of information. It advises on foreign adoption organizations and adopters on matters related to adoption in China and related agency service. BLAS will enable you to get all the information and knowledge you need about adoption in China.

Translation: The strong translation contingent offers high-level and high-efficiency services in such languages as Belgian, Danish, English, Finnish, French, Norwegian, Spanish and Swedish. Services cover the translation of adoption applications, post-placement reports, children’s physical check-up results and growth reports and other documents required of adoption in China. We also offer oral interpretation services for foreign adoption organizations and adopters traveling to China to complete the adoption procedures.

Travel: We offer services in receiving foreign adoption organizations and adopters coming to China to go through adoption registration procedures, in organizing adopted children into “Heritage Tour”. We also offer services in organizing study tours of China and foreign countries. We have established relations of cooperation with the United States, Britain, France, the Netherlands, Iceland, Ireland, Singapore and Spain.


Address:Sun Light International Plaza No.16, WANGJIAYUAN Lane, Dongcheng District, Beijing.


Tel.: 861063577158, 63589988-1201

Fax: 861063577158



You can also contact the following departments under our Service according to your needs:

Administrative Office:
TEL: (8610)65548943
FAX: (8610)65548926

Consulting Department:
TEL: (8610)65548936
FAX: (8610)65548935

Translating Department:
TEL: (8610)65548939
FAX: (8610)65548938

Traveling Department I(Adoption Travel):
TEL: (8610)65548948
FAX: (8610)65548949

Traveling Department II(Heritage Tour):
TEL: (8610)65548948
FAX: (8610)65548949

Traveling Department III:
TEL: (8610)65548911
FAX: (8610)65548911

Accounting Department:
TEL: (8610)65548927
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