Holt Adoption Program, Inc

Founded Oct-12-1956 as ORPHAN'S FOUNDATION FUND, INC.
name changed  Jan-5-65 to Holt Adoption Program, Inc
Organization type: Adoption Agency
Founded: 1956-10-11
Related persons
People working for or related to this organization
Personsort iconPositionCountryFromTo
Bertha HoltFounder of1956-10-11
David KimEmployed by
Gary GamerPresident
Harry HoltFounder of1956-10-11
John E AdamsExecutive Director1966-12-311971-01-01
Kevin SweeneyRegistrant of
Related organisations (to)
Organizations this is organization is related to
Organization1sort iconAsOrganization2CountryFromTo
Holt Adoption Program, IncCooperates withHolt International Children's Services
Abuse cases
Abuse cases of children while in placement and the role this organization played in their placement
Titlesort iconRole
Wendy Kay OttPlacement agency
Child trafficking cases
Child trafficking cases and the role this organization played.
Titlesort iconRole
Korea - misc child trafficking casesAdoption agency


PO Box 2420
Eugene, Oregon
United States
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