Bethany Intercountry Adoption programs

Date: 2009-05-08

Bethany Christian Services serves thousands of children each year on five continents around the world. While often known for intercountry adoption (also known as international adoption), Bethany offers a wide range of services internationally. This continuum of care for children includes child sponsorship, reunifying children with their biological families, foster care, supporting children in orphanages, domestic adoption, and intercountry adoption.

Each country Bethany serves has unique needs and opportunities, and we respond through local strategic partners in service. Wherever we are, however we serve, we bless the children in Jesus' name.

What is intercountry adoption?
Intercountry adoption is an exciting journey. It blends a family’s love for children and desire to adopt with the wonder, blessings, and challenges of international travel and of receiving a child from another culture.

Bethany currently offers intercountry adoption programs in the following countries:

China  Haiti  Russia  Colombia  Hong Kong  South Korea  Ethiopia  Lithuania  Ukraine  Guatemala  Philippines

Bethany Christian Services is the largest adoption agency in the United States. For more than 60 years, Bethany staff have been serving children and families with quality, compassionate Christian care. Since 1982, Bethany has united more than 11,000 international children with adoptive families, which testifies to our quality of service, integrity, and expertise.
Bethany works with in-country adoption specialists who speak the local language and English—specialists who are familiar with the local customs and local adoption process. They assist adoptive families traveling to their country. Our specialists are known for their quality service.


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