BBB Report on Adoption Network Law Center

Date: 2009-05-08

Some complainants allege birth mothers are not provided within the time period advertised, or they experience extensive delays waiting for a birth mother. Other clients complain that the company failed to provide services as agreed, and they are unable to obtain a refund. A few customers state they initially signed up with the former company, Adoption Network, Inc., when they were offering facilitation services and requested refunds. These customers state their refund requests were denied and the company offered to continue services if a new contract was signed under the new company name. The company responds to most complaints by explaining that the birth mothers select the adoptive parents, and they cannot guarantee a match., or that an adoption will be completed within the contract period. The company contends refunds cannot be provided because the services involve extensive advertising and marketing costs to generate birthmothers and must be covered regardless of the outcome. Other responses indicate the company change was beneficial to clients due to the company's improved status as a legal entity. In a few cases, the company offered partial refund. Refund requests are generally denied, however, the company agrees to continue services.

As of our last verification, this company's owner is properly registered with the California State Bar Association, Bar number 177191, to practice law within the State of California. Mrs. Kristin Yellin was admitted to practice law in the State of California on June 9, 1995. For the most up-to-date information regarding licensing status, consumers may contact the California State Bar Association by calling (415) 538-2000 or by visiting their website at


They are simply giving

They are simply giving babies to the highest bidder. They allow the previous owners "wife" to dictate policies to the "sales" staff. They have been sued many times; the "wife" was even ordered to not have anything to do with adoption, yet she continues to visit the office and direct employees on what to do.

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