Finding US Tax returns for non-profit organizations IRS-990

Guidestar is well-known, and has the last 3 years available free for anyone with free membership

FoundationCenter has many 990s as well and has more than 3 years available


990s provide lots of info

990s provide lots of info about who the board members are, who are highly compensated employees and who an organization does business with,


Guidestar is a great resource! You can also request 990's that go further back than what Guidestar posts.

Guidestar question

Do you need to pay for older returns?


No, you can ask Guidestar to get them or write directly to the IRS.

Thank you

This is great information. For much of the research into the adoption industry the IRS 990 forms are an excellent source of information. Often times I had wanted to have older forms, not knowing how to get them.

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