Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick expecting twins via a surrogate after years of wanting to add to their family


April 28, 2009
Entertainment Weekly

Parkerbroderick_lSarah Jessica Parker, 44, and Matthew Broderick, 47, are expecting twin girls via a surrogate. In a statement, their reps announced, "Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick are happily anticipating the birth of their twin daughters later this summer with the generous help of a surrogate. The entire family is overjoyed."

A friend of the couple, who married in 1997, tells Entertainment Weekly exclusively that Parker and Broderick have been trying for years to add to their family ever since the birth of their son, James Wilkie, now 6. But the road hasn't been an easy one. "They had a lot of unsuccessful tries," says the friend. "They came to the conclusion that this was going to be the best alternative for expanding their family." The couple turned to a surrogate -- whose name and place of residence have not been disclosed -- last year. "They're over the moon and excited as any prospective parents would be," says the friend. "Their life is about to get a lot busier."

Parker is filming Did You Hear About the Morgans? a romantic comedy costarring Hugh Grant, and plans to star in and produce a sequel to her 2008 hit Sex and the City. Broderick's latest film, the drama Wonderful World, premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 27, and he's currently starring on Broadway in The Philanthropist.


Prostitution is

Prostitution is prostitution, no matter how you look at it. Want a woman's body part? Sure, but it will cost you. Want a baby? That will cost more. Want that baby to be healthy? How much do you have and how much is good health worth? The list of negotiations can go on and on, and it's making me sick because people actually think what they are doing is morally sound and good! I don't understand any of this buying babies from people, or why mothers get rid of their babies because they're too much trouble. Why is all of this so celebrated? What ever happened to being content with what God gives you? What ever happened with being satisfied with what you have? Why do people always want more, more, more? Don't people see how money IS the root of all evil? This actress is best known for her role in Sex in the City? How original.

Paying for it

It is interesting to see how poverty, promiscuity, pregnancy and future child placement have been addressed and treated throughout history.  In fact, to this day, many still think those who get pregnant outside of marriage are ignorant whores OR manipulative wenches hell bent on getting a man and his money.

It's also interesting to see how sex, prostitution and fertility don't always make great future companions, especially for the women involved.  [Watch a brief piece about "Comfort Women" and how the Japanese military took care of their fighting men.]  In fact, it's no real secret how the unwanted children of a society get treated...  you know...the ones that could have been an aborted, had it not been for religious reasons.  [A brief history on the treatment of Amerasian children, for instance, can be found here: ]

Human history lessons aside, I can easily see how a person thinks surrogacy is nothing more than a form of prostitution... it's basically the selling of one's body for another person's pleasure.  However, tell that to those who advertise their wombs for rent.

Personally, I get a good chuckle when I read about celebrities and their family-making ways.  For instance,  Ricky Martin once said he wanted to adopt a child from every country.  He ultimately chose surrogacy.  Stories like that suggest to me people don't trust what's being offered through adoption... after all, who can be so sure the healthy happy advertised child is without serious birth-related problems or has not been kidnapped and trafficked through an orphanage and adoption agency?  The "safe alternative", seems to be surrogacy.... provided the surrogate mother does exactly as she's paid to do.

It's amazing to me what people will do for love, money or a sense of family.

The question in my mind is not if money is the root of all evil.  What keeps me guessing is far more simple.... just how far are people willing to go so they can get what they want, and how many are prepared to pay the future consequences that go with past actions and decisions?  

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