Playing "It's not your fault" from Good Will Hunting

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In this scene from Good Will Hunting, Will (Matt Damon) has a moment of clarity that goes beyond his own understanding of "Attachment Disorder" and the fear of abandonment.

Watch how Will reacts each time he hears his (trusted) therapist (Robin Williams) say to him, repeatedly, "It's not your fault".

Watch how Will braces and protects himself before he finally lets go.

[I have yet to watch this scene and NOT cry.... the fear of IT being my fault is just so huge... it's a fear and feeling I can't quite explain.... it's a fear that really doesn't go away.]


foster father

anyone notice how it was will's foster father abusing him?

Good will hunting

This scene played out  with a friend of mine some yrs back b4 the movie.  She had been the legal aide Lawyer who helped free me from my institutional hell. She forced me to listen to that very statement till I broke down and let it out too.

It was very comforting coming from someone who could unequivically deny the lies used to keep me in there.

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