Focus on Adoption 2007 Conference "Solutions" Agenda

Date: 2007-02-21


Because of pending legislative initiatives, which may or not be finalized by the time of the conference, the agenda needs to remain flexible and may change.

Day 1 - Wednesday, February 21 - will be devoted to Child welfare and Child placement POLICY issues

Embassy officers and Guatemalan officials, and Guatemalan congressmen have been invited to this session and may participate in panels.

Panels and talks will be focused on the following themes:
• An Overview of the Issues: Keynote Address
• The context - Guatemala's impoverished population and the conditions for children
• "There is No Plan B for Guatemalan Children" - Susana Luarca, A.D.A.
• Permanency Planning: Concurrent Planning, Private vs.Public Services, the Abandoned Children – Panel
• Study of the Hague Treaty implementation in Central and South American Countries - Jorge Carrillo, Instituto
• What is Compliance? What in the existing system fits and what needs to be changed? - Chip Orr, Debbie Spivack, Guatemalan attorneys ( to be named)
• Presentation of Guatemalan Congressmen - Panel, including Susana Luarca and Roberto Echeverria report on December visit to D.C., meetings with DOS and Congressional Representatives. Report on Maura Harty's recent visit to Guatemala. Congressional perspectives on Hague Treaty Implementing Legislation

MORE.... to be announced

Day 2 - Thursday, February 22 -The day will be a "brainstorming" session for Adoption Service Providers and Representatives of Adoptive Parents' Organizations, Guatemalan Congressional Representatives

We will discuss various legislative proposals in a series of panels, with a question and answer period.

Brainstorming for Solutions Together

• If Legislation has passed, then implementation of this legislation and brainstorming on regulations and implementation: Agency and Lawyer Panel
• If it has not passed yet, then discussion of various implementation models FOA encourages all participants to develop proposals and provide input prior to the conference.
• We will also be sending out a questionnaire to all participants prior to the conference
• Because of the uncertainty of when Legislation will be completed, it is difficult to design an exact agenda. However, we believe there is very much to talk about, learn, and give input.

Any further questions, please address to me: Hannah Wallace, President, Focus On Adoption


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