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Date: 2009-04-29

Asian Children Services VietNam Humanitarian Corp. is a humanitarian aid and adoption agency. ACS also has 501(c) 3 status. We are located in New York State and have a certificate from the State of New York to do adoptions. Currently we work in Viet Nam and Guatemala. In VietNam we have a 13 year history of doing adoptions and humanitarian aide. We have aide programs in four Provinces.

ACSVHC received our 5 year license to do adoptions from the Ministry of Justice in Hanoi in January 2006.

In Guatemala we work with Susana Lucara [sic] to place infants and older children for adoption.

ACS provides full service to families from New York State and for families adopting our special needs children. As a part of our program ACS also facilitates dossier authentication and full travel services for our traveling families. In both the US with our families and with the population we serve in VietNam and Guatemala we pride ourselves on our personal relationships. By the end of the adoption process many of our families have become longtime friends. We nurture our relationships in Viet Nam with our Center directors, caretakers and the elderly people and deaf children we serve. In Guatemala we are working to develope long term relationships with our partners there as well. We know each child we serve whether it is a child placed for adoption or a child who will stay in VietNam or Guatemala. Our programs are small and our clients important to us.

As an adoption agency we feel strongly that families place their trust in us to operate an ethical program. We take that responsibility seriously. Our goal is to put the needs of the children first. We do not operate to find children for families but to find families for children. We place children who have been relinquished to orphanages. We do not locate children for adoption nor does our Vietnam or Guatemalan sides of the program know the number of families we have waiting for assignments. ACS is not the fastest program around but that is not our goal. Our goal is to be an agency that you can be proud to tell your child about as you tell them their adoption story.


The story I'll tell my child

I don't think "proud" is a word that springs to mind when I think of telling my daughter about ACS and her adoption story. Actually, no, I take that back. I AM proud of myself and my husband - because we fought like hell and literally held ourselves and our family together with figurative duct tape after the brush with organized crime we dealt with in country - complements of your beloved "partner" in Guatemala. And you helped her. You allowed it, you even participated, RoseMarie Battisti. You are a thug and you have no business in adoptions (although I don't think you are anymore) I don't care how many lifelong friends you've made through the years - they obviously did not experience what we (and COUNTLESS) other families did visa-vis enduring a literally horrifying experience with Susana Luarca and the piece of garbage you had working stateside, Deidre Dudley. Oh, in about 10 years when your ears are ringing? That's me telling my daughter her adoption story.

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