Andrei Ochkurenko

Anrdei Ochkurenko (Yunona/Orfund - Tambov, Director) was born in 1956 in Siberia, Russia where his parents had participated in setting the community of Tselina. Andrei served in the Naval Air Force of the Northern Fleet. He actively participated in opposition to NATO in the North-Atlantic region (Caribbean Gulf) during the Cold War. He flew the TU-95 intelligence navy aircraft.

The military Air Force Reduction Act by Gorbachev left then Colonel Andrei Ochkurenko with no option but to retire early from the Navy and follow his moral and ethical beliefs. Andrei returned to college and obtained a degree in History.

Andrei is married and has two beautiful daughters. He considers his work with Yunona/Orfund extremely necessary, rewarding, and very important. “Helping orphaned children is just as vital for me as defending my country” said Andrei, and we are most pleased to have him in our organization.

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