Andrei Preobrazhenski

Andrei Preobrazhenski (Yunona ORFUND - Vologda, Director) was born March 19, 1959 in Vologda, Russia. In 1982 Andrei graduated from Vologda University with a degree as a Foreign Language Teacher.

He is fluent in Russian, English, German and French and enjoys a passion for learning foreign languages. He earned his PHD at the Russian Academy of Science in St. Petersburg. He wrote on the comparative analysis of the English and German languages. During his school years he developed qualities such as attention to detail and learned how to use scientific methods to his advantage.

Andrei has traveled around the world. He worked as a translator in Germany for 5 years and also worked in Switzerland, England, United States, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Malta, Poland and Ukraine. His experience has taught him to appreciate different cultures and to break barriers between people who speak different languages.

He works as a Professor of English at Vologda University and eventually founded his own private Language College. Andrei loves working with his students and he adores children, always looking to help those that need help.

He is excited about opportunity to become a member of the Yunona/Orfund team and looks forward to applying his knowledge and experience towards the benefit of orphans.

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