Loving Stork Charities Foundation

A Licensed International and Domestic Adoption Agency

Loving Stork Charities Foundation, Inc is a Licensed not-for-profit 501(c)(3) Child Placing Agency specializing in international adoptions and bringing American parents together with orphaned children overseas. We help families adopt children from Brazil, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Haiti, Kazakhstan, and Russia. Dedicated to creating happy endings and making dreams come true, our goal is to facilitate successful international adoptions by finding safe and loving homes for as many orphaned children as possible. Loving Stork can provide Home Study and Post-Placement Services for the entire State of Florida. We untangle the maze of international adoption and provide personalized service to make the process smooth and memorable. With more than thirty years combined experience working in the field of international adoption, we assure you a fully professional experience - from the moment you pick up the phone to call us to the day you welcome your new child into your home and hearts.

We are here to answer on any questions to any family who are thinking to adopt a child or who are already in the process.

Please contact us by email info@lovingstork.org or by phone 1-877-244-9595 with any question you may have during the adoption process.
Organization type: Adoption Agency
Founded: 2005-11-15
Website: Loving Stork
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Denis FokinPresident2005-11-15
Denis FokinRegistrant of2005-11-15
Lorraine T BoiselleRegistrant of2007-02-15
Nana SaakovaVice President2005-11-15
Olej GutsoytVice President2005-11-15
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Loving Stork Charities FoundationPlaces children fromRussian Federation
Loving Stork Charities FoundationPlaces children fromColombia
Loving Stork Charities FoundationPlaces children fromBulgaria
Loving Stork Charities FoundationOperates inUkraine
Loving Stork Charities FoundationOperates inBrazil
Loving Stork Charities FoundationOperates inKazakhstan
Loving Stork Charities FoundationOperates inHaiti


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