Inga Whatcott

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In Oct 1997, Inga was adopted by Neal and Priscilla Whatcott at age 12 from St. Petersburg, Russia. She was adopted out of birth order; becoming the oldest in the family that included 1 bio child and 2 adopted from China and Taiwan as infants.
Inga had previously been placed with two Russian families who returned her to the orphanage. Once home, she displayed increasingly violent behavior and less than a year post adoption, she was moved to a family in Maryland. That family asked to have her removed from their care and she was moved to two different families in Michigan before finally being placed in a psychiatric facility in Michigan. She was diagnosed with reactive attachment disorder, major depression disorder with psychosis, post-traumatic stress disorder.  The Whatcott's were charged with child abandonment and Inga was then placed with three more foster families before being placed in an institution. In 2000 the Whatcott's dissolved the adoption of Inga. They were able to maintain contact with her after the dissolution.
Date: 1998-09-01

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