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I am Alla Halloran and for many years I was an English professor at the University in Minsk, Belarus. During my tenure my students and I spent much time in many orphanages. We helped caregivers with their every day duties, entertaining the children and assisting them in doing their homework. Although the caregivers were doing their best to give every child the attention and love they needed, there were only two caregivers for a group of 20-25 children. Every child wants and needs love 24 hours a day and every day and it's a dream of every child to be in a loving family and able to say: "Mom." Our work in the orphanages was an important experience for my students and me. I wanted to try and make these kids' dream coming true and so I started AllaAdoption.

There are so many children in need of loving parents. Together we can bring love and warmth into a child's life.

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