Supporting Adoption agencies [letter to the editor]

Date: 2008-04-06

Daily Camera, The (Boulder, CO)
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Supporting adoption agencies

I was so relieved to see that investigators have finally caught up with Lisa Novak and the Claar "Foundation," a.k.a. One Light Adoptions. In 2003, I was advised by Novak that as a single woman wanting to adopt siblings, Brazil would be a perfect option. She said Brazil was in need of people willing to adopt siblings and that "One Light" could facilitate the adoption. Excitedly, I paid my several hundred dollar "application" fee to the agency. A week later, I was told that Brazil had "slowed" their international adoptions and it would be at least two years before I would have any chance of even being referred for children there. It was then suggested that I change to another country at a much higher fee scale. I declined and was told that the fees I paid would not be returned, though no services had been provided.

Fortunately, the story has a happy outcome. I next called Boulder County Social Services and spoke with the amazing Cindy Mollica, who recruits families for the foster/fost-adopt program. Soon, I became fost-adopt mom to a beautiful brother and sister, who not only light up my life, but also the Boulder community they have become a part of. In time we became a "forever family." I cannot say enough good about the support and guidance I received from BCDSS. The compassion, integrity and commitment to children of everyone I have worked with there is truly inspiring. Boulder should be so grateful and proud of all they do for our community's children.

I encourage anyone interested in building a family through adoption to consider opening your heart to the more than 200 kids right here in your own backyard who so deeply need you. You will be glad you did.



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