Mother testifies about daughter killed while in Mexican foster home

Date: 2009-04-17

SALEM, Ore. - The Beaverton mother of a murdered 4-year-old girl said more children's lives are at risk due in the Oregon foster care system.

Tausha Cram’s daughter Adrianna was beaten to death in 2005 while in foster care in Mexico.

Cram testified Friday morning before lawmakers in Salem. She says both Mexican authorities and Oregon’s Department of Human Services failed to protect Adrianna, who suffered from extensive abuse until she died.

Cram gave up custody of her daughter due to her drug use. Adrianna was placed with a family in Mexico that was related to her father.

Cram said teachers in Mexico noticed injuries suffered by Adrianna and reported them but that nothing was done. She said Oregon DHS officials saw no evidence of the abuse until after Adrianna was dead.

State lawmakers say they want to improve the way DHS monitors foster kids placed in other countries.

But Cram said the only way to protect children is to keep them in the United States.

Cram is supporting a bill currently before the Oregon Senate that would tighten oversight on children placed outside of the U.S.


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