Sending a child abroad

I've been reading various accounts/statements made by first-parents saying they were in dire situations (due to an acute illness or loss of wages) and approached by "associates" (workers within a specific family service organization with certain "affiliations") offering the struggling parent the chance of a lifetime --  send your child abroad, temporarily, then be reunited once you are all well and back on your feet.  [What sort of poor parent would deny a "chosen child" a better home and education, even if it meant sending that child half-a-world away?]

I believe this is how many parents from poor countries (like Ethiopia) are led to believe adoption is the same as sending a child abroad for a good education.  They are approached by adoption recruiters and told the child-in-need does not have to spend time in a poorly run children's home or orphanage, (the so-called save-havens for those in-need).  Instead, these parents are told about another more child-friendly and charitable alternative, made possible by another group / child placement organization.

In some cases, (like in India or China), the parents are not even consulted... kidnappers simply abduct "desirable" children and lies are then told (to future buyers) about the living conditions of the so-called abandoned/orphaned child "found" on the streets.  These "ideal foundlings" are then sold relatively quickly through private adoption agencies affiliated with specific children's homes/orphanages.  [And AP's wonder why so many adult adoptees are adamantly against legal name changes made after a so-called "legal adoption"?]

I can't help but think the plea for more to adopt only encourages this highly specialized style of child-trafficking.

After reading many of the trafficked cases, and watching various videos that feature how the selling of "healthy young children" benefit so many working within the adoption industry, how many AP's would honestly agree to this sort of "temporary arrangement", knowing the child they "parented" was fooled out of the hands of struggling (and misguided) parents?

In other words, if PAP's were told adoption was a service that allows certain children to live in their home until they were finished with their formal education, would many still be very eager (and impatient) to adopt  the "poor" foreign-born child?


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