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A.M.O.R. Adoptions, Inc.

AMOR Corporation's, The Dawn of Love Orphanage of Guatemala, is an approved Foundation in the United States and Guatemala. We are actively committed to the welfare of the children throughout Guatemala. Fulfilling children's needs is our main focus. With our referrals, we locate the best-suited family for a child, not the best child for a family anywhere in the world.

AMOR Corporation, and Asociacion Amanecer de Amor is a nonprofit corporation which opened an orphanage in Guatemala in 1995. We have many healthy Hispanic and Hispanic/Caucasian newborns, infants and toddlers available for adoption. We feature pictures of some of the available children on this page every few weeks. We never have a waiting list for children. If you are qualified to adopt and have immigration approval, we can assist you immediately. If you need homestudy, dossier or immigration assistance, please call toll free: 1-877-702-2273. Since we are an approved charity by the US Government, a good portion of the fees paid are either Tax Deductible or Tax Creditable. Please call for information or assistance.

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