Ann Potthast volunteers for Ukrainian Angels

Ann Potthast
Ukrainian Angels
Families are adopting from Ukraine.

The appointment process has been more limited so that the wait time has increased.

People who sent dossiers in around October/November have appointments for March/April. So figure 16 weeks or more from when your dossier is received in final form at the Adoption Center in Kyiv under the current system.

Toddlers, pre-schoolers and older children are being adopted. However, that being said, as always, this is Ukraine and there is no pre-information on children available such that there is no guarantee as to what age/sex children will be available upon arrival. For a recent list of adoptions through our contacts since January 1, 2003 please email me at

Regarding the investigation. The General Prosecutor's office announced several weeks ago that there would be an announcement about reorganizing the Adoption Center or the process in a few weeks. So far that announcement has not been made. On the bright side is the fact that adoptions are continuing at present and appointments are still being announced and honored.

If you are just starting and thinking of two children (especially unrelated children), then get two fully authenticated original dossiers as the director has been asking for this on an ad hoc basis in recent weeks. We had two families able to see two unrelated children without the second dossier. The American Embassy Consul will be announcing the results of their most recent meeting with the Adoption Center on all recent policy changes very soon.


Ann Potthast
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