Guatemala - Kimberly Xiomara Pineda Albizurez (or Siomara Arbizurez) case

Parents Julio Cesar Pineda Pineda and Rebeca Arbizurez enrolled their 3 year old daughter, Kimberly, in a childcare run by Zoila de Jesus Hernandez. Unknown to the parents, Hernandez contacted attorneys to start an adoption proceeding. Paperwork was started by social worker Catalina Franco. Mrs. Hernandez presented herself under a false name to the Municipality of San Jose Pinula, saying she was the mother and could not care for her daughter.

January 9th, 2001, Kimberly was kidnapped. On the same day, attorney Jorge de Jesus Jimenez Garcia, and notaries Jaime Valenzuela Sacher and Alfonso Cacacho Ralda, requested a passport for the girl. Luckily the passport application was rejected. However the girl was already delivered to a Spanish couple, Rodrigo Esposito y Luz María Rodríguez Morera, and a ticket had been purchased for her travel to Spain.

PNC [PNG?] recovered Kimberly a day after her abduction and started legal action in courts against those responsible.

In July, 2001, two of Kimberly's uncles, Danilo Alvizures and Edgar Joaquín, were assasinated and the lawyer representing the family, Eduardo Adilio Juárez Contreras, received a death threat. Kimberly's family took her out of Guatemala for safety.
Date: 2001-01-09
Number of children: 1


Persons: Alfonso Cacacho Ralda, Jorge de Jesús Jiménez García, Jaime Valenzuela (aka Jaime Valenzuela Sacher), Francisco Calderon Munoz (kidnapper), Zoila de Jesus Hernandez (childcare provider), Catalina Franco (social worker in GT)


San Jose Pinula, Guatemala
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