Illegal child trade in Liberia [video]

Date: 2008-11-14
Source: BBC

Liberia's government has imposed a moratorium on all new foreign adoptions, after fears that some agencies were misleading parents into handing over their children.
Despite this, the international trade in children appears to be continuing, as Nadene Ghouri reports.

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Children used as commodities.

The more children are used to build and create orphanages, the more this exploitation will take place.

History, and the goal we must try to reach

It's disturbing to see just how history keeps repeating itself, especially when it comes to income-generating child placement schemes.

The above video mentions how poor parents send their children to these orphanages, with the belief that a better life will be had.... only to (perhaps) learn their children have been sold to strangers, who could very well be doing horrible things.

This script was written many years ago.  From what I could find," modern" child migration/child trafficking began in England; the "unwanted" were gathered and sent to (what would-become) America, to help collect more riches for the already wealthy.

The first 100 children – ‘vagrants’ – were despatched from the London area to Virginia in the Americas in 1618, their passage arranged by the City Fathers, while the last nine children were flown to Australia in 1967 under the auspices of Barnardo’s. It follows that the origins of child migration were linked to Britain’s acquisition of an empire in North America during the early seventeenth century. In the wild, untamed, thinly-populated continent, there was an insatiable demand for men and women to populate and exploit the new territories. The demand was so great, and the perils of the sea journey and the initial pioneering so desperate, that those whom it was convenient for England to send abroad – the convicted felons, the parish poor and abandoned children were considered suitable and many were despatched.  [From:  "Child Migration:  An Overview and Timeline" ]

Generations later, the "unwanted" were sent to be schooled in Canada and Australia.

For more than 30 years from the late 30s, 10,000 children from poverty-stricken British families were brought to Australia in the name of charity. On arrival, the children were sent to boarding institutions all around the country to begin a new life and one of the shining beacons of the scheme was Fairbridge Farm at Molong, 300 kilometres west of Sydney. The vision behind Fairbridge was that the boys would be become farmers, the girls farmers' wives. But a new book now starkly outlines a sordid and disturbing story.  [From:  "The Forgotten Children" ]


From the late 19th Century up to the 1970s, an estimated 150,000 native children in Canada were seized from their parents and sent far away to state-funded, church-run schools to learn how to think, speak and act like white people. The country is still coming to terms with the disastrous results.  [From:  "Facing up to Canada's dark history"]

Just recently, the Irish government confessed how children were treated in-care, as the Ryan Report suggests physical and sexual abuse just may have been more the silenced rule than the exception.  (In 2004, it was doubted this truth would come out).

"They ruled totally by fear. They wanted to break you down. When they beat you, you could see them frothing at the mouth, their faces went ashen white, they would keep beating and beating, shouting. They broke bones, they broke ankles with hurley sticks. They would inflict any punishment to condition you. Children were breaking down, wetting the bed, soiling the bed, trying to run away because we were terrorised mentally. They tortured us emotionally, sexually, physically.

"There was no education, we worked - cooking, cleaning, sewing, doing repairs, making clothes, shoes, farming, feeding the animals. We were badly fed, always hungry, eating anything we could, grass, animal feed, red berries that grew in the grounds.

"I just want to have my day to tell my story so nothing like this can happen again."  [From:  "Abuse survivors attack 'whitewash'"]

For centuries, children and the poor have been exploited by those who want "more".

I can only hope, as more people see and read the truth, as it really exists, the following suggested policy will become a universal approach, embraced and supported by those who claim to care about the rights of children:

STATE AGENCIES and voluntary bodies which fail to report suspected cases of child abuse face losing public funding as part of a series of measures aimed at strengthening child protection services.  [From: " Funds to be cut from bodies that fail to report child abuse"] 

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