Report indicates 2-year-old was beaten severely

Date: 2009-04-09

Abuse may have lasted over a long period of time, DCF summary says.

Suevon Lee

An investigative summary compiled by the Department of Children and Families in the days following Faith J. Ray's death indicates the 2-year-old sustained a severe beating, possibly over a long period of time, before being admitted to the hospital last December with fatal injuries.

The DCF summary cites a medical examiner's findings that Faith suffered 20 points of blunt-force trauma to the head and 40 points of blunt-force trauma to the torso and extremities.

"While the mother has no diagnosed mental health issue to the knowledge of DCF, the manner in which she beat the child, over taking another child's toy, was excessive and unreasonable and demonstrative of emotional instability," the DCF report states.

On Tuesday evening, Violet L. Ray, Faith's 35-year-old adoptive mother, was arrested at the conclusion of a two-day trial regarding the termination of parental rights and taken to the Marion County Jail. She has been charged with first-degree murder, aggravated child abuse and child neglect.

She and her husband, Joseph, have five other adopted children, ranging in age from 1 to 7. The children are in foster care, although they were initially placed under the immediate care of their grandparents following Faith's death.

Administrative Judge S. Sue Robbins, of the Unified Family Court Division, is expected to make a ruling on the issue of the Rays' parental rights in the days ahead. Both parents, who are represented by separate attorneys, could be stripped of all visitation privileges if their rights are revoked.

Faith's maternal grandmother, Janette Hamblin, is cited in the DCF report as being aware that her daughter, Violet Ray, spanked the child. She is quoted as once having told her daughter, "You can't hit a baby like that." The report also mentions that Hamblin gave investigators "contradictory statements indicating that Faith was like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde."

It says the Hamblins frequently acted in a caregiver role to the children, yet did nothing to report the alleged abuse of Faith, the second-youngest child.

"It is not reasonable to believe that they did not have knowledge of the physical abuse yet they continued to leave the child in the care of Violet Ray," the report states.

The report concludes Violet Ray was "an inappropriate caregiver to any child."

"Based on her actions, she poses a threat to any child in her care and Joe Ray poses a threat in failing to protect any child in his care," the report states.

It did not reveal any findings of sexual abuse, although Faith showed signs of vaginal tearing.

"This is believed to be caused by the physical abuse of her by her mother," the report states.


Beaten Severely-

I'm having a hard time understanding how a beating to the torso can cause 'vaginal tearing'. It appears to me that someone is overlooking a serious issue concernig this childs ultimate wounds. Can anyone explain the 'vaginal tearing' and how that happens w/out sexual abuse?

it does not happen...

I had a foster child who was 2 when she went home; she came back into care one year later with a tear in her vagina.  Think about it:  this child did not ride a bicycle at 3; was not beaten; and still ended up with a torn vagina.  The doctors knew exactly what it was but did nothing but recommend the child stay in foster care while the DHS made their plans to keep her forever.
I, too would like to know if anyone else knows of a way to tear the vagina of a tiny little girl other than sexual abuse?
This makes me so angry!  And to look at her face and see such a beautiful child who was treated like this makes me think we live in a very sick society.  If this had happened to my daughter my husband would have gotten life; instead, because of the oral sex, he got 25 years and is doing 17 1/2.    What will the people who did this to this little girl get?

What did I ever do to deserve this... Teddy

A kick to the vagina can

A kick to the vagina can cause a tear.

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