Guatemala - Marlen Sofia Diaz Borrayo, daughter of Iris Xiomera Borrayo


In October 1997, Iris left her child with a neighbor while she went to the hospital for a period of time. When she returned, she found her daughter had been taken by the neighbor to the minor's court. On Feb 13, 1998, Judge Aida Marisuya de De Leon ruled the child was abandoned and placed Marlen in Susana Luarca's "Los Ninos de Guatemala" orphanage. The orphanage immediately referred Marlen for placement with a US adoptive family.

On May 20th 1998, a court revoked the abandonment order, ordered Marlen to be returned and all adoption proceedings stopped. The orphanage filed a motion for protection of the child, and a reversal of the revocation. This was denied July 22, 1998. The orphanage again requested a motion for protection before the Constitutional Court, which ruled Dec 11998 that the motion for protection should not be allowed.

Finally, Marlen was returned to Iris on .Feb 17,1999, 9 months after the original order, and over a year after she was taken.
Date: 1998-02-13
Number of children: 1


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