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Honesty from a baby-seller

It's one thing to know (in your heart) there are lots of people who could care less about another person's feelings and future, especially if money can be made through the private adoption industry.  It's another thing to hear someone actually admit efforts have been made to convince government officials NOT to sign The Hague Treaty because it will put many private baby-selling agencies out of business.

I have to ask -- what are AP's thinking when they see a video like this?


I am horrified by the whole thing.

The removal of the children, the attitude of the agency filmed by hidden camera?, the attitude of the APs as presented in the Newsweek article. (I realize what is reported is not always the whole story.... I hope their actual thoughts/actions were different... if not then, over time)

and the way the lawyer, orphanage and judge seemed to be colluding on removing kids and finding them new homes.
we have a trafficking case set up here:

I hope many of the Guatemalan children who were stolen or wrongfully removed are able to re-connect with their first families. Some of the El Salvador children stolen durring the Civil War seem to be successfully navigating life as members of two families.

here are the El Salvador Civil War case
The individual cases have links there too. If you want to read just two - these would be my choices.
Peter Cassidy /Ernesto Sibrian and
Gina Craig / Imelda Lainez

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