Gravelles finally in jail

Yesterday a short article in The Morning Journal reported Michael and Sharen Gravelle were finally ordered to serve their prison term, two years after their sentencing.

Michael and Sharen Gravelle were arrested in September 2005 for keeping some of their 11 adopted children locked in cages. The Gravelle´s, were a very religious, home schooling, couple from Ohio that took in far too many children with far too many special need. They never saw any wrong in their Attachment Therapy inspired parenting.


But their 'therapists' are free and wealthy

But their 'therapists' are free and wealthy. The therapist partners made hundreds of thousands off these Gravelle kids and millions from all of their adoption scams. They have luxury cars, posh houses and exotic vacations while the parents are in the cooler and the kids are destined for miserable lives

I was going to say the same thing

funny how they are about to take away the licenses of the psychologist at Gimo....

but therapist can treat children the same way, get paid by the governments, walk around like saints, get rich, hurt kids, kill kids.... and walk around free and rich


Aren't many of these rich

Aren't many of these rich saint-like therapists who hurt and kill kids and walk away free and rich also adoptive parents?????

Birds of a feather flock together, like supports like, so if you go to these people and pay for their services, you are showing your support. SHAME ON YOU, not them! If they are in business and doing so well, it's only because foster and adoptive parents agree to go and not complain about the way they are told to treat the kids they bought or had dumped on them.

If you don't want your kids to be treated like crap, don't send them to people who treat them like crap!!!! And if you can't take care of more than 1 or 2 kids, don't foster or adopt 10 or 11 more!!!!! What are people thinking??? Or are they?


they get the bulk of their money from state and federal funding through adoption sub and Medicaid... so, you pay for it if you pay taxes, not rich adoptive parents...

in some states AT is required as part of placement of the child... in almost every state they require therapy for newly placed kids over age 3...

most of the people collecting 10 kids are doing it for the money of adoption subs...

the way to shut them down to is totally end the requirments of attachment therapy and end all state and federal funding of it...

who the hell do these people

who the hell do these people know to get this sort of support???????????????????? there's something seriously wrong and fishy about this sort of set-up where therapists can get paid to do what parents are doing, and getting in trouble and then losing their children because of it. it's all about making money, isn't it? ruin kids, and make money doing it. is that the american way?

Who knows?

But it does prove how it's not WHAT you know, but WHO you know that counts.

Parent's Choice

According to one of the articles related to this case,

Both Gravelles maintained that they were at a loss as to how to handle the children's various behavioral issues, so they turned to Elaine Thompson, a therapist, for help and followed her direction to the letter.
The Gravelles told the court they made mistakes raising their children.
"It wasn't because we intended to anyone any harm," Sharen Gravelle said.
"I listened to the professionals. Loving my children was more important than being right," she said.
Thompson is scheduled for a pretrial next week and a jury trial next month. She is facing several charges of aiding and abetting child endangering and failing to report child abuse.  From:  'Caged kids' parents get sentenced to 2 years, Feb 16, 2007

I think this proves there's a very fine line between "right" v. "wrong", and discipline v. abuse, and I know from personal experience, there are lots of parents who would NEVER have done what this couple did.... just as there are lots who would have done far more and far worse.  The question is:  did these parents seek the sort of advice they wanted to hear, because it already followed their core-beliefs when it comes to child-discipline?  I ask because in another article related to this case, it states: 

[Prosecutor Russ Leffler] told jurors Tuesday that the case was about the beds, not the harsh discipline in the home. County officials removed the 11 special-needs children from the Gravelle home in September 2005 after they received a tip and found the brightly painted, chicken-wire-enclosed beds in which some of the children slept.

The couple said they built the enclosed beds to prevent the children from hurting themselves and others. The couple lost custody of the adopted children in March.
Two older children testified during the trial that the Gravelles hit them with a wooden paddle, hosed them with water outside in freezing temperatures and dunked the head of a girl with Down syndrome into a toilet. The jury found each of the Gravelles guilty on three charges — one a felony — related to that child.   [From:  Gravelles guilty of endangerment, abuse, Dec 23, 2006

While I do not agree with many "Attachment Therapies", I do know a therapist can suggest forms of discipline, or highly recommend certain treatments for certain behaviors, but ultimately, isn't it the parent's choice how children are treated and by whom, especially at home?  If a parent inflicts pain and punishment on his/her children, is the hired-help (paid therapist, chosen by the parents) really to blame?

Where does parental accountability and responsibility begin and where does it end in cases like these?

The Gravelles trusted Elaine Thompson and her partner

This Company millions off adopted kids. ET got her license suspended and her partner walked. She got a 500$ fine. Just the cost of doing business. But the partner still has her license and the company is STILL making money.

The Gravelles lawyer should have gone after the therapist partners and used them as hostile witnesses. The Gs defense was all wrong. The partners would have testified against each other if both were subpoenaed. When the Gravelles were arrested ET was on a plane for Paris. Ha ha! That adoption co made millions in a few years. There were other victims. But those two women played the system and won the jackpot and the Gravelles took the rap. The Gravelles had really, really bad legal advice.


Regardless of what they were advised, anyone with any common sense should know you cannot keep children in cages.

If a Dr tells you to give a certain medicine to a child

or tells you that the childs limb needs to be amputated and you do it and you find out it was the wrong advice should you go to jail because you did what the Dr told you to do? Does the Dr have any accountibliity? The uneducated Gravelles simply did what the licensed, degreed, upper class therapists told them to do. The State, County, and the therapists knew what was going on. The Gravelles could have been sanctioned for neglect if they DID NOT do what the medical people told them to do.


Should people that are so gullable be allowed to adopt?


The therapist should be held accountable, but her actions do not exonerate the Gravelle's. If they couldn't handle the children's behaviors or know what to do with them they should not have continued taking children with special needs in.

I'm with the other anon guy

before putting all the adoptive parents down.... let be known that this AT crap is basically ALL THAT IS GOING ON in terms of TREATMENT for foster and adopted kids in many parts of the USA...

they are a powerful group of people getting millions from the US Gov to treat these kids this way...

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