Soeng Mon (aka Soeung Man)

started AOA orphanage Cambodia
detained by police on suspicion of baby trafficking on August 23, 1999. 
Was a driver for Lauryn Galindo

he gave a woman $40 before taking the child to WOVA but says the arrest was a mistake.

"I had already returned the child before the arrest," he said.

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WOVA Cham Chao orphanage (Phnom Penh)Facilitator for2000-00-00
Asian Orphans Association (AOA)Founder of
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Soeng Mon (aka Soeung Man)Works forLauryn Galindo
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Serey PuthAssociate ofSoeng Mon (aka Soeung Man)
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Adoptions 'like selling goods' - Foreign Minister 2001-12-07
Tourism officials quit ministry to run adoption business 2000-06-09
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Cambodia - misc trafficking articles caseOrphanage
Cambodia - Lauryn Galindo CaseFacilitator
Cambodia - Serey Puth - Asian Orphans Association (AOA)Orphanage

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