History of FOC from their website

Date: 2000-10-12


"Focus on Children" or "FOC" is an organization that was developed as a result of a very personal involvement on the part of its directors, Karen Banks and Danalee Thornock. In 1981 through 1982, while living in Thailand, Karen was introduced to local orphanage programs and became a volunteer for the Bangkok Babies Home. She was instrumental in organizing recreational activities for the Khonkaen Orphanage and afterwards became determined to dedicate her future energies towards aiding and assisting foreign children, whenever and wherever possible. Her involvement became so tenacious that, in the late 8O'S, as the world became aware of the desperate need of Romanian orphans, Karen knew she had to go to Romania. While there, amongst the rubble left by a shattered country, she found and adopted 3 children who were in need of a family and home. Fortunately, an understanding husband and 2 young sons awaited at home, and welcomed these new additions to their family. A purpose was born!

Danalee, Karen's sister and an elementary school teacher, accompanied Karen on the trip to Romania, and after seeing the appalling conditions the children were forced to live in, became just as tenacious and determined to support and assist needy children throughout the world...resolving to work with Karen on their shared
concerns and new-born purpose!

Since that time, Karen's family has added 3 Russian children to their family and Danalee and her husband adopted 2 Russian brothers, which, when combined with their 6 biological children, has enabled them to offer their love and guidance to 8 very blessed children! As a result, Focus on children was born in 1994, and has been going strong ever since!

While in Vladivostok adopting the latest 2 children to join the Bank's family, Scott Banks was faced with the startling reality of orphanage life. This experience profoundly changed his priorities. He returned home with a deep desire to aid the suffering children. After giving his spare time to help make the organization grow, Scott Banks
joined Focus on Children on a full time basis in 1998. Focus on Children continues to grow and expand it's adoption and humanitarian programs!


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