Adoption Service Providers Banned

Date: 2007-04-24

April 24, 2007
Adoption Service Providers Banned
The USCIS in Guatemala has issued the below statement about adoption service providers being banned by the embassy.

To Members of the Guatemalan Adoption Community:

Please be advised that the following individuals have been banned from any involvement with any aspect of the I-600, Petition to Classify Orphan as an Immediate Relative, process by the USCIS Guatemala Office:

1. Mary Bridget Bonn
2. Monica Janeth Ruiz González de Castañeda
3. Rosa Claudia Juárez
4. Dora Amanda Zavala Navas
5. Gamaliel Sentes Luna
6. Aurora González Campo Menes
7. Lilian Ferrer de Letona

Any documentation submitted to the adoptions window found to have any connection with the above named individuals will be rejected out of hand. Cases that have already been submitted for adjudication that have a connection with any of the above named individuals will require a letter from the petioner naming a substitute for the banned individual.

Any person and/or entity trying to circumvent this proscription will likewise be subject to a similar action.


Joseph T. Roma

Field Office Director
USCIS Guatemala


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