Siblings in the adoptive family

As more and more cases are being present in our Abuse Pages, I'm reminded of the many many private emails and conversations I have had over the years with adoptees who claim their non-adopted siblings used to go way beyond what most parents would call "normal sibling rivalry".  While most cases confessed to me relate to sibling sexually abuse, I know there are more extreme (violent) cases like, Samantha and Saraphina's story reveals.

Are there any published adoption studies done that reflect how common it is for a non-adopted child to single-out and hurt/attack the adoptee within a family?  In other words, do non-adopted siblings have adoption-issues, too... and how often do these hidden issues (rage, jealousy) bring out the beast in people? 

Last but not least, do people think adoption creates it's own special breed of sibling rivalry?


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