Two types of RAD?

Something Kerry wrote in a blog reaction: "RAD is the result of inconsistent care given to ANY child within the first three years of life."

As far as I can understand the neurobiology, RAD finds it's origins in the incomplete development of certain hormone receptors in the brain of a child prior to the age of three. Once past that age, the damage is deemed irreversible, as the growing body 'moves on' to different tasks.

That bit makes sense to me, although the implication would be that no form of therapy can help. However, what about the people that had a 'normal' early childhood, but who's RADdish behaviour was caused by later stress factors (various forms of abuse come to mind - I never cease to be amazed at the horrors people are capable of)?

Wouldn't that imply that when the 'hardware' foundation is there (i.e. the hormone receptors), in principle some form of therapy should be able to provide 'healing'? The relevance being that it would be vitally important to retrace the origins of an individuals RAD behaviour as, depending on how far back it goes, therapy could either be useful or useless. I'd be very interested in your thoughts on this.


Follow the Road to Illogical sequences

RAD is nothing more than letters describing where Natural Logic ends, and illogical thinking begins.

For the Purchased Uterine contents of Another Woman, the illogical, unnatural sequence of events is separating Mommy from Baby, and not allowing that baby wean naturally from the body of life-support that was God-Given, in the first place.

Closure happens when each of us returns to our Natural Womb, or tomb of earthly experience -- depending on how fucked-up you become during each Developmental Phase of Emotional Growth. [Erickson]


Although I'm not one to assume I am THE Source of Insight, my self-studied experience dictates Therapy, as it sits, stays, stands, or sprawls (on a comfy couch for 45 minutes at well-timed and spaced carefully monitored visits) these days, ALWAYS Fails.

How can Traditional or conventional [paid] therapy-sessions not fail? The basis of the Therapist-Client is funded by MONEY. The so-called foundation of Unconditional Love and Acceptance is bogus, ergo flawed and ineffectual for the person with serious relationship/trust issues!


I have been seeing a counselor, the first one to ever relate my issues to being adopted, and making the diagnosis of RAD. He seems very knowledgable about it, as he adopted his son, and has been dealing with it on a personal level for many years. He is really just directing me in finding my own information, which has been very enlightening, to say the least. That's how I found all of you!

We seemed to have identified a possible "missing piece" that is causing most, if not all, of my problems. I seem to be lacking a sense of Spirituality. This area of the brain is the same area of the brain that is not developed as a result of being taken away from my biological mother at birth. (Please help me with this Kerry). That area of the brain also controls and stabilizes mood and emotions.

I've given this a lot of thought, and it's true that I don't believe in anything that I can't see, feel, or touch. He says this is because of my inability to trust.

Spirituality in not necessarily Religion, and based on my recent realization, I'm not sure how I feel about my beleif in God right now. I bought a very Inspirational book I intend to study, but short of having a near death experience, or personally witnessing a miracle, I don't know where else to start.

My couselor suggested an A.A. meeting, or a Cancer survivor's group, but I don't know how comfortable I would feel "sitting in" on a group I don't "belong" in. He also said being among others, who have nothing, may help. So, I'm thinking of volunteering at a Soup Kitchen on Thanksgiving Day.

Does this make sense to anybody? Has anyone else been told anything like this? Is this something that any of you also feel?

Spirit of Likeness and Identity

That was a brilliantly written piece, Jaquie.

I'm curious... before you sat before Another Person, (a stranger... A Counselor) and began divulging Your Story... had you already/previously started working with yourself, by yourself? In other words, have you kept journals or pieces of Personal Purging that reflect some of those parts or phases of your life you see as being "troublesome"?

If journal-keeping or artistic expressions seem too daunting for you, how about starting with smaller steps by reading Generic Questions, like those listed in the Forum: "For the love of Mary". We ALL need a place that feels safe, good, and kind before the Journey through hell and back begins.

As far as resourceful reading material goes, I personally think you would do better if you spent time learning Your Own Language, first. Once you learn more about your own word meanings, you may better understand some one else's insight.

Self Taught

I have been "surviving" in this life now for nearly 50 years, and sought outside help several times. I have journaled, written poetry, done craft projects, over the years. I guess I have been working on myself periodically for a long time.
I too, am an R.N., and have worked full-time in that profession for 30 years, taking time out only for the birth of my children, or other medical/surgical leaves. I have read, and continue to read, everything on this site, as well as the Adult RAD site I met you on, Kerry. My recent diagnosis of RAD and my participation in these groups has been the best
"treatment" I ever received. "Spirit of Likeness and Identity" is it exactly! I also noticed how many of us are nurses. My counselor said it's likely that we chose a way of taking care of others, because are needs were not taken care of when we were younger. So, yes, this site has been extremely helpful. I do have to credit a lot of my insight to my counselor as well, or at least confirmation of it. As you all know, we definately need our reassurances.

Repeat Performance

'As you all know, we definately need our reassurances.'

Yes, we need to be reassured... as long as being reassured is not being interpreted as being Cured.

Acceptance is a life-long process, and needed throughout each stage of development we ALL experience. That process begins at birth and ends at death.

The way I have always seen Myself and My Process is simple: as a Bottomdweller, Things can't get Worse than rock-bottom dwelling.

Daring to Improve is an Effort, therefore any effort to Improve is Good Enough for Me.

A Life-Long Process

Recovery, I realize, is a life-long process. I just want to reach a point where how I feel (mood or emotions) is not so affected by others, or my environment. Or should I say controlled? The feeling of never being good enough, the insecurity, then the anxiety, and anger, then being depressed, is a vicious cycle. That's why I sought therapy in the first place. I just didn't realize where it was coming from. Knowing has helped, and I now know what to work on.

Thanks for all of your direction and support. I hope this can also help others.

Pound Pup Legacy