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Date: 2009-03-25

Adoption Programs

Concern for Children is not an adoption agency. We are an all volunteer support group which assists couples or indivuals who wish to complete an independent international adoption. We educate prospective parents as to the joys and concerns of an international adoption and guide them through the adoption procedure. We act as the liason between the parents and the foreign source in a limited number of countries.

Interested prospective adoptive families attend a series of pre-adoption information meetings. At this time adoption programs in which we act as the liason are limited to families in Ohio and surrounding states. Current adoption programs exist in Colombia, Honduras, and El Salvador. In all cases we work only with government recognized orphanages, foundations, and child care systems. We do not work in the field of international private adoptions.

Concern For Children has been working in Colombia for twenty years. The program is open for families interested in adopting infants, as well as older children, sibling groups and special needs children of all ages. Both parents must travel to Bogota. One parent can return home after one week and the other parent must remain with the child. For special needs children, an exception can be made, and two trips can be made of short duration at about a 6 week interval. For healthy infants the parents must be under 35 for their first child from Colombia. This program is with the orphanage, Fundacion Los Pisingos. Couples need to be married approximately 5 years, and at this time no singles. The stay at this time can average from 6 to 8 weeks, while the adoption is finalized in Colombia. The child remains with the parent from the first day after arrival in Bogota, and until finalization of the adoption and return to the United States. There are special needs and older sibling groups available for adoption. For more information, send an email to

This program is inactive at this time.

El Salvador

Concern for Children has a rich and long history of working in El Salvador. A pilot program for families interested in adopting a child age two or older has recently been opened. Families must be able to stay in El Salvador for approximately three weeks. The program is open to couples married at least five years and to singles. There can be no more than forty-five years age difference between the oldest parent and the child being adopted. Anyone interested in this program must be willing to be flexible and must be aware that there are still many unknowns. For more information, send and email to


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