War Orphan (60 minutes story)

Date: 1996-01-01
Source: AFSC

War Orphan
video, 1996, 14 mins.

Steve Croft hosts this "60 Minutes" examination of one of the hidden stories of the 1980's war in El Salvador: U.S. trained Salvadoran soldiers would rip children out of their mothers arms during operations and bring them to centers in San Salvador which would provide the children for adoption to unknowing U.S. couples. Other children found left on the battlefield would also be put up for adoption.

Gena Craig became a "war orphan" in El Salvador at the age of six. She was adopted by an American family and told that her real family was dead, but she never believed it. This is the story of her biological family's search for her and their dramatic reunion in El Salvador after 12 years. Instrumental to their success is the Association for the Search for Disappeared Children which has reunited hundreds of families, and DNA matching techniques which confirmed that Gena Craig in fact was Imelda Lainez.

Very good information and production quality. Age level: junior high and older.


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