Masha Allen's attorney withdraws from case

Robert N. Hunn, attorney for Masha Allen in the case against Families Thru International Adoption, inc. (FTIA), Reaching Out Thru International Adoption, inc. (ROTIA), Child Promise, inc. and Jeannene Smith has filed a motion to withdraw with the Federal District Court of New Jersey.

In September last year, a Civil Action Complaint was filed on behalf of Masha Allen against the adoption agencies and representatives responsible for her placement with Matthew Mancuso. The complaint revolves around alleged negligence of the involved agencies to properly vet Matthew Mancuso before placing Masha with him and the way Reaching Out Thru International Adoption handled the post placement reporting.

According to testimony before a Congressional Committee, Matthew Mancuso had fabricated a post placement evaluation in the name of Social Services of Western Pennsylvania (a non-existent organization) and a social worker of ROTIA had performed a post placement evaluation over the phone. In short, no one ever went to see Masha and verified how she was doing. As a consequence Masha Allen suffered years of sexual molestation at the hands of Matthew Mancuso and pornographic material of the abuse still circulates on the internet.

The Civil Action Complaint filed in September 2008, sought compensation from the agencies involved in the placement of Masha Allen.

Now attorney Robert N. Hunn of the law firm Kolsby, Gordon, Robin, Shore & Behar (KGRSB), who represents Masha in the civil litigation, has filed a motion to withdraw claiming there have arisen irreconcilable differences between KGRSB and Faith Allen. Last summer a Georgia attorney, David S. Bills, retained KGRSB on behalf of his clients Faith and Masha Allen. Attorney Bills, representing Faith, has asked Hunn not to withdraw as counsel for Masha. The New Jersey Federal District Court will conduct a hearing on Hunn’s motion on April 6, 2009.

This motion comes only weeks after Jeannene Smith (President of ROTIA) filed a motion to dismiss, which we reported about here.

The Civil Action Complaint against FTIA et al. is important because it relates to the responsibilities of those running an adoption agency. The outcome of this lawsuit could in principle answer the question if Presidents, excutive directors etc. can hide behind licenced social workers, or if they have a responsibility for the work performed under their supervision.

The withdrawl of Robert N. Hunn is a major set back for Masha Allen and her attempts to find compensation for the abuse she has suffered. It is unknown what further actions Masha and her representatives will take.

Although the motion to withdraw doesn't state what the irreconcilable differences were, it's hard to ignore the history of Masha Allen's placement with Faith Allen (previously known as Kimberly Murphy who then became Lynn Ginn and who now goes by the name of Liz Psalm). We already paid attention to that history in the posts: Masha Allen betrayed again and Omens: How Masha Allen became a supporting actress in the Faith Allen show.

Jeannene Smith in her motion to dismiss even goes so far as to claim the lawsuit filed by Faith Allen as plaintiff's guardian is not valid, alleging Faith Allen is no longer the legitimate and legal guardian of Masha.

In that light it's interesting to see Robert N. Hunn state an irreconcilable difference between KGRSB and David S. Bills and Faith Allen.

KGRSB trying to represent Masha, having a irreconcilable difference with Bills/Allen in my opinion can only mean there is a conflict of interest between Faith Allen and Masha Allen. This should come as no surprise. James Marsh, former representative of Masha, in his blog post Statement Regarding Masha Allen Litigation said:

“We are, however, deeply disturbed that Masha still does not have the independent guardian she so desperately needs. Two years ago today we learned that Masha was being abused and neglected by her current caretaker. She eventually became involved with the child welfare and public health systems in both Georgia and Pennsylvania. After consulting with independent ethics counsel and the State Bar of Georgia, we were instructed to retain Masha's litigation files and undertake efforts to have a guardian appointed for Masha due to an un-waivable conflict of interest between her and her caretaker.”

“A traumatized, abused and exploited child like Masha needs a competent and independent decision maker to protect her legal rights and guard her pecuniary well being. Since our firm is forever conflicted from representing Masha, our only desire is that she will someday obtain the emotional and financial stability she deserves. Unfortunately the current litigation does nothing to achieve the Georgia Bar's longstanding edict aimed at safeguarding Masha's future.”

It seems to me Robert N. Hunn, in his attempt to represent Masha ran exactly into the problems James Marsh stated: the absence of an independent guardian who can truly act in the interest of Masha. As long as there is a conflict of interest between Masha and Kimberly Murphy AKA Lynn Ginn AKA Faith Allen AKA Liz Psalm the betrayal of Masha will continue.

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I am from PA and know about this case from a colleague with some inside info. Apparently the reason why that pornographyer Peter Sotos was able to publish a book about Masha was because her parents signed a release for the rights and got some money. When Hunn found out about this he went ballistic knowing that this would come out in discovery that the defendants were going to get. I heard that the girl didn't even know about this until Hunn found out! Simply unbelievable.

Absurd and false.

Your "inside info" is garbage. 100% total garbage.

I Agree

For what it's worth, it looks like Faith Allen and her mother Judge Cheryl Allen tried to get the books stopped back in 2007.

I'm not sure why it didn't happen (the author Sotos does call Masha Allen a child porn star) but it looks like they tried to ban the book.

After all Faith's mother is a judge and she should know what to do. Everything else is just plain speculation. (Although it would be good to hear from the judge herself why the book didn't get stopped. I couldn't find any statement from her anywhere about this).

Exploitation Continues

After following this up some more I discovered this:

I'm not sure whether this is connected to the book but it sure looks like Masha! And it looks like she is being featured on a child porn site. With all these judges and lawyers and all fighting about who gets what and when and whatever, WHY ISN'T SOMEONE DOING SOMETHING TO STOP THIS??!!

This is happening now. They are like advertising Masha on what appears to be a child porn site Who knows what of her images are being SOLD inside. Where are the Friends of Masha and attorney Hunn, Faith and everyone else on this situation?!!

Faith in Judges?

I had to laugh at the following comment: 

After all Faith's mother is a judge and she should know what to do.

Actually, according to, a published article, (also posted here:, Judge Allen is not Faith's mother.... she (Faith) simply took the last-name, and made it her own.

A young woman who had stopped eating after years of physical and sexual abuse at the hands of her parents moved into the home of a judge who'd spent a decade on the bench dealing with such cases.

She would stay only a few months until she got a job and a place of her own. But in that time, the two bonded as Allen soothed her night terrors, connected her to faith-based counseling and simply listened when she needed to talk.

They came to regard each other as mother and daughter.

In January, to honor that relationship and break from her past, the young woman changed her name to Faith Elizabeth Allen.

Faith would go on to follow in Allen's footsteps, caring for foster children.

So, Faith, herself, was a sexually abused child, and as such, has the many hidden scars sexual abuse leaves a victim.  [I won't assume anything... I simply know from personal experience, AP's with unresolved abuse issues are not ALWAYS the best parent-figures for children who have been sexually abused.]  In fact, this point is made in the blog cited above:


Faith seemed to be recovering. "Still, Allen worried when Faith decided to get certified as a foster parent because so many abused children end up as abusers."  [ ]

More importantly, since this case is about faith in people, judges and good decisions, wasn't it a judge who made (pedophile) Mancuso Masha's "legal parent" in the first place?  [Shouldas-Couldas-Wouldas is the stuff that makes a sad story even more tragic.]

In other words, don't judges, from time-to-time, make really big MISTAKES?  [Or are we not allowed to discuss the mistakes judges make in adoption/child-placement cases?]

If you ask me, there aren't many (paid-off) lawyers or judges that CAN be trusted when it comes to SAFE child placement.... but I know my perspective is based on the stories I post and read on a daily basis.  [After all, I encourage readers to see how many so-called respected lawyers and judges are behind our growing Child Trafficking case-files... and then read through various local/national/international news-media archives and count how many times children have been put in unsafe homes, thanks to family-court decisions.  It's a sad truth few really want to fully recognize.]

In any case, this case is not just about a pedophile who needs to be put in jail.... as the report here, suggests. 

This case is about poor decisions made by child placing authorities, which included private adoption agency workers, their affiliates AND the judges who put children in the hands of sexually abusive pedophiles.

BTW... just to add a little more personal-opinion... if/when this case does get settled, and award money becomes an issue.... I hope whatever judge is making the ruling has the good sense to give it all to Masha, (not her Amother, Faith What-ever-her-last-name-is-these-days,) and that award money gets placed in a very safe trust-fund.

Justice for All?

More from WESH news. Apparently in Florida Mancuso was first charged with eight counts of capital sexual battery which could have made him eligible for the death penalty. Despite the fact that there were pictures of him engaging in incest, Mancuso only plead guilty to ATTEMPTED sexual battery. Under Florida law "criminal attempt" means a person who attempts to commit an offense but FAILS IN THE PERPETRATION OF THAT OFFENSE. So a judge basically allowed Mancuso to plead down from a death sentence to just 14 years in prison.

Niels, please do not speculate.

You do not know.  Therefore, you should not speculate and you should not guess.  Especially, you should not speculate or guess based on any past assertions by Marsh.

There is no conflict of interest and Hunn's request to withdraw is not based on any conflict of interest.  What he said was irreconcilable differences with Bills and Faith, both of whom you should correctly assume have Masha's interest at the forefont.  There is no basis for you assume anything to the contrary.

And it may be a set back or it may not.  Time will tell.

This is a legal matter.  It may take years, because that is the way these things go.  Hopefully, justice will eventually be done. 

In the meanwhile, instant legal analysis is, frankly, quite unhelpful and more likely than not will be consistently wrong.

By the way, I claim the reply above.

the need for interpretation

When an attorney makes a statement it is phrased in a manner that is least conflicting the lawyer making that statement. So when I read the words of an attorney I weigh those words against a context in which those words are written.

When reporting about a legal question it is of importance to interpret the situation beyond the legal speech uttered. Legal talk has no meaning until it becomes part of a more general discourse. That is exactly what I try to provide with articles like these.

I am concerned if Masha's best interest is being served, which goes beyond legal matters. In other posts I have addressed several issues surrounding the adoption of Masha by Faith Allen that make me believe the interests of Masha and those of Faith Allen are not one and the same. So when Mr. Hunn speaks of an irreconcilable difference, I see a high profile lawyer, especially hired to serve the best interest of Masha reaching a point where he can no longer cooperate with the person legally responsible for Masha. That makes me wonder. You may call that speculation, I call that being alert to the surrounding situation.

I certainly would hope that the Masha's legal representation will be more eager to persue her best interest than a mere "Hopefully, justice will eventually be done".


But what you are claiming to see is, in reality,

totally contrary to the truth.  Thus, while everyone is certainly entitled to their opinions, please understand that you have an important voice and publishing inaccurate, uninformed commentary is very simply in no one's best interest, least of all Masha's.

Additionally, it is evident to me that a primary source of much or all of the on-going misinformation and general  s___-stirring campaign is none other than your user x47 who must spend quite a bit of time and effort lurking around and pushing an agenda, given that almost immediately after my post, above, I received this classic effort at deflection and misdirection: 


I see you are a "Friend of Masha." I hope you can help set the record straight here. There's a lot of misinformation going on and all kind of crazy things being said. And if this is [  ] or [  ] please hang in there.

What a piece or work!  One might think this individual would at some point have an epiphany and gather together the grace to back the hell off and quit screwing around with everyone who might possibly be legitimately concerned and/or attempting to do something constructive.  Obviously not, however. 

So, with all due respect, please carefully consider your sources.

Not convinced

In various posts based on such material as Pennsylvania v Charles Nathaniel Brown I have made clear why I am concerned about the placement of Masha with Faith Allen. By stating that the reasons for my concerns are totally contrary to the truth, you don't add anything to the conversation. A blunt denial doesn't mean anything to me, nor does an ad hominem attack on Mr Marsh. The only thing you prove by your statements is that you are under the impression Masha's best interest is being served by Faith Allen. That is an opinion you are entitled to, but you haven't given me any information, nor any reason to change my mind.

I am not going to address the activities of other members of this website with you nor with anyone else. It's a matter of principle that we don't talk about other members unless in reference to something that has been posted. I don't want PPL to become a gossip pit and I hope you can respect that.


Niels, really, I’m not so concerned

about convincing you of anything.

I'm merely trying to perhaps add some much needed balance or even perspective on this important subject. But, sadly, it is you who have created the gossip pit by allowing yourself to be manipulated into parroting and acting as Marsh's echo chamber on the subject.  But he at least he really appreciates it, as is shown by his prompt attaboy immediately after this post.

The simple fact of the matter is that your opinions - as reflected in at least a fifteen or so posts on Masha and Faith  - are essentially 100% reliant of Marsh's honesty and objectivity, which is very clearly very much open to question.  

In the first place, it is nothing less than utterly astounding for any professional, but especially an attorney, to engage in a now 2 and ½ year widely publicized, non-stop smear campaign against a former client.  

If Marsh had any real evidence against Faith, he should have submitted to proper authorities years ago, which to accept his version of reality, he did, only to be continuously confronted with callous official duty shirking by each and every otherwise supposedly responsible adult in sight, except of course himself.

Look at his own words, written on 9/21/08: "Two years ago today we learned that Masha was being abused and neglected by her current caretaker. She eventually became involved with the child welfare and public health systems in both Georgia and Pennsylvania."

Wow, that must have been really been some shockingly huge discovery that day, huh?  But why did he never bother to get very specific?  Odd, at best, if you ask me, especially since it was quite obviously not out of any serious abiding regard for the attorney-client privilege.

So, what was happening in 9/06 and since? 

Well, other than than Marsh having obviously been fired as their attorney and then having apparently had some interesting interactions with the State Bar of Georgia (from which he has purported to quote and rely upon some alleged document, but never actually made it public), there is not much in the public record, or published in any respectable, sourced newspapers or other real journalistic endeavors. Of course, the fact there is almost nothing in the public record may just have something to do with the fact that medical records, children's social services records and juvenile court records are (for numerous very good reasons)  private, confidential and not open to the public.

We know that on the evening  9/20/06, Faith and Masha were  in Washington, D.C. and Faith received a major award as an Angel in Adoption™  for her outstanding contributions toward the welfare of children in the United States foster care system and orphans around the globe.  U.S. Senator Isakson proclaimed: “Faith Allen, who adopted her daughter, Masha, last year, is a truly amazing woman who embodies the spirit of the Angels in Adoptions program. … Masha now has a safe home filled with compassion and love thanks to … Faith Allen.”   Representative Gingrey added:  “Faith …is her pillar of support, providing encouragement as Masha bravely shares her story.  Everyone who spends time with Faith and Masha feels the warmth and kindness that make Faith an Angel in Adoption.” ;

We also know this event was the last event of a whirlwind national public relations campaign that included - among orther things - Masha being paraded by Marsh and his former cohort, Maureen Flatley, onto ABC News’ Primetime program, The Oprah Winfrey Show, and CNN’s Nancy Grace program  ; followed by, on 5/3/06,  presenting a well-coached victim impact statement to a U.S. House Sub-Committee   and then, on 5/3/06, making a second appearance on Grace's program.

One might wonder exactly how well an emotionally and psychologically fragile thirteen year child who had gone through even 1% of the trauma that was inflicted on Masha would hold up under that extraordinary level of over-exposure.  One might also wonder if any such concerns ever passed even briefly through Marsh’s feverish deliberations as he rolled forward with his master plan.

And, of course, because of wikileaks, to whom some unidentified somebody published several interesting documents, we know that within hours or days of Faith receiving this award, Masha was somehow, by somebody, extrajudicially  “placed” (abducted?) to a non-sanctioned home of a woman from whom on 9/27/06, Faith and an attorney other than Marsh rescued her; and that Marsh then reacting by boldly making accusations to law enforcement that resulted in the poor child being involuntarily committed to a hospital.

We also know that more than seventeen months later, on 2/10/08, based of god only knows what authority, Marsh submitted a pre-litigation notice of claim document purportedly on behalf of Masha asserting that governmental officials had negligently allowing Faith to perpetrate such horribly abuse and neglect, but nothing at all seems to have happened since with that master stroke of legal strategy.

Bizarre is only apt word for all of this is.  But not to Marsh.  Or to you.

All those duty shirking public employees and officials in Georgia and Pennsylvania, just shameful that they would so blatently ignore all those horrible terrible things that Marsh keeps hammering away on the keyboard about.  Just imagine all those clearly established facts that must exist to support all of Marsh’s allegations.

It is a pure and simple fraud.

So, again, I probably have much nothing to add to your take on all things Masha, since you’ve already got it all figured out.

But please do pass some of that delicious cool aid over my way.

To "Friend of Masha"

"Friend of Masha",

I strongly object to your allegation I let myself be manipulated into a parrot of James R. Marsh Esq. It is certainly true I read his website, but that is true for you too and I bet Jeannene Smith et al. are regular visitors of his blog as well. Some don't believe a word he says, others take it seriously and some even use that material in a motion to dismiss.

If you had taken the time to correctly count the number of posts about Masha Allen, you would have come up with a much higher number than the said 15 posts. In fact there are 107 posts related to Masha Allen on Pound Pup Legacy, of which 5 by my hand and 101 posts collected over time from various sources. In fact all publicly available material, from court documents to home studies, to blogs and news paper articles are collected in one archive which you can find here (click the link "documents" to open the archive). If there are any omissions to the archive it is due to my inability to find them and if you know of additional material, please let me know.

My opinion about the situation Masha Allen has been living under since May 27, 2003, the day police arrested Matthew Mancuso, is based upon all the material in our archive. I have read every individual article and document carefully, something probably not many people have done. I would recommend it! Much of my opinion in that regard is indeed based on Mr. Marsh' actions. He was the one who released the report prepared by Michele A. Cunko, October 7, 2003 related to Masha's placement with Lynn Ginn in response to additional questions asked by Members of Congress related to the Congressional Hearings of May 3, 2006. It was in direct response to Mr. Marsh' testimony that day that Mr Walden member of the Congress Committee on Energy and Commerce, Subcommittee on Oversight and Regulation suggested to use congress' power to subpoena Reaching out Thru International Adoption (ROTIA), Families Thru International Adoption (FTIA), Adagio Health. (See page 463).

So certainly Mr Marsh has had a hand in much that we know about the case of Masha Allen. It was while Mr. Marsh represented Masha that we for the first time learned of the role ROTIA, FTIA and Adagio Health played in the placement of Masha. Only on November 18, 2005 can we find the first reference to their role in an article about the sentencing of Matthew Mancuso. In fact it was Masha herself who testified before Congress on May 3, 2006 that Mr. Marsh was the one who informed her about these agencies.

The fact that Mr. Marsh played a role in uncovering the aforementioned information doesn't make that information any less reliable in my opinion and even Mr. Hunn partially relied on that information to file the Civil Action Complaint of September 15, 2008. So if you question the honesty and objectivity of Mr. Marsh you are indirectly questioning the honesty and objectivity of Mr. Hunn and Mr. Bills, something I assume you don't want to do.

Before we go to September 2006, the week Faith Allen was awarded as Angel in Adoption™, the week of the Congressional Hearing Sexual Exploitation of Children Over the Internet: Follow-Up Issues to the Masha Allen Adoption, September 27, 2006 and the week of the of the Douglas County Sheriff's Office Complaint Report, I'd like to get back to the report prepared by Michele A. Cunko of October 7, 2003.

I will share with you some of the notes I made after reading that report:

In section medical history of the home study prepared by Michele A. Cunko, October 7, 2003, Lynn Ginn advised that as of September 2003 test for Hepatitis B and C, RPR and HIV had not been performed despite recommendation by the Children's Hospital of Pittsburg to have these tests done as soon as possible and that these tests be repeated in three months and a final repeat testing performed in six months.

What has CYFS done to insure that Masha had received the above tests?

Vaccination information provided in home study prepared by Michele A. Cunko, October 7, 2003, contains incorrect dates. Vaccination against Tuberculosis (BGC) presumably took place April 20, 1992. Vaccination against Polio (July 17, 1992). Diptheria/Whooping cough (February 14, 1992).

All these dates precede Masha's birth! Is this information incorrect in the original Russian files, or was a transcription error made by Michele A. Cunko?

Masha's immunizations in the US were not in CYFS files. Lynn Ginn advised that Masha's immunizations are up to date.

Why was no verification asked beyond Lynn Ginn's word? Has CYFS done any follow ups on the omissions in care reported by Michele A. Cunko.

Records from the agency that handled Masha's adoption indicate that a Russian psychiatrist provided a diagnosis of astnic neurosis (sic) during 1997.

Astnic neurosis is not a term known in the English language. Why was this never checked? Could it be Asthenic neurosis? In which case the diagnosis is related to Dependent Personality Disorder. Was this ever verified? If said diagnosis is correct then Masha's own statements regarding her wish to be adopted by Lynn Ginn could be placed in another light.

In psychological/psychiatric section is stated that Masha does not exhibit any behavioral problems.

Odd for a girl who has been abused and exploited for 5 years. How can such be stated based on a single observation? Michele A. Cunko only met Masha and Lynn on September 22, 2003.

Masha undergoes mental health evaluation through A Second Chance Wellness Center by Dr. Sharon on May 30, 2003. A recommendation was made for psychiatric evaluation and therapy. CYFS files don't contain Dr. Sharon's report nor is there any documentation these recommendations were followed.

Why is it that CYFS has no such records on file? Has CYFS done any follow-ups based on this missing information?

Masha says in home study prepared by Michele A. Cunko, October 7, 2003 that she has had very real dreams and, on occasion, she is not sure if things are real or dreams.

Why was this relevant to mention in Michele A. Cunko's report? What has been done with this information. Not knowing the difference between what is real and what is a dream is goes by the technical term “dissociation” and should be an indication Masha is not doing well.

According to home study prepared by Michele A. Cunko, October 7, 2003 there is no information beyond alleged alcoholism in CYFS files related to Masha's biological parents.

Did CYFS make a reasonable effort to obtain information about Masha´s past in Russia?

According to Masha there was a box of information about her birth family at the home of Matthew Mancuso but efforts to retrieve this information were unsuccessful.

Did CYFS make a reasonable effort to obtain the information at the house of Matthew Manucso as described by Masha?

CYFS according to home study prepared by Michele A. Cunko, October 7, 2003 did not have any information on Masha's siblings on file.

Did CYFS make a reasonable effort to obtain information about Masha´s past in Russia?

According to home study prepared by Michele A. Cunko, October 7, 2003, Lynn Ginn advised that Masha requested that she have a Christian therapist and that she attends counseling once per week at the Bethany Baptist Church.

Objection, your honor, hear say. Was Masha every questioned if she indeed made that request and if she came up with that idea herself? Is Bethany Baptist Church a licensed counseling agency? Why is that not stated in the report?

According to home study prepared by Michele A. Cunko, October 7, 2003 Masha has asked Lynn Ginn to adopt her.

The report does not state whether Lynn Ginn advised this information or if Masha did that herself.

It is my contention, and others share this opinion, that the adoption of Masha, after the arrest of Matthew Mancuso was rushed, without proper investigation into either the needs of Masha or her safety in the home of Lynn Ginn. Michele A.Cunko's report just shows how many omissions there are in the CYFS files, how proper medical and mental health treatments were not followed up on and if done so by unlicensed quacks. That's not the way to deal with a girl who has been a sex slave for 5 years. The handling of Masha Allen's case after Matthew Mancuso's arrest didn't get the special attention required. In fact Masha received substandard care. CYFS did nothing to follow up on the omissions mentioned in Michele A. Cunko's and the adoption of Masha was subsequently rubber stamped on May 14, 2004 in the court of Judge Cheryl Allen, who had a personal relationship with Faith Allen which she talks about in this article.

Only two weeks after this adoption, Faith Allen (her name was changed from Lynn Ginn in January 2004), suspects her pastor Charles Brown to fondle and sexually touch her while being under "hypnosis". Upon reading the transcript of Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v Charles Brown, I started wondering where Masha was in all of this. Was Masha in the same house with an alleged sexual predator, while her mother, responsible for her safety was in a subconscious state, not knowing anything that is going on?

From the transcript of Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v Charles Brown: 

Q. Referring to that counseling session at the end of May that Counsel referred to, did anything unusual happen during that counseling session or after that counseling session.

A. The sessions usually were in my living room, and I was out asleep again, and I just remember waking up in my bedroom the next morning, and he was there, but I can't say that he was there all night. I don't know.

Q. You woke up in your own bed?

A. Right.

Q. Do you know how you got there?

A. No.

Q. All right. Do you know whether or not he spent the night there?

A. No I really don't.

Q. You didn't invite him to spend the night there?

A. No.

Q. = Janet R. Necessary, DDA counsel for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
A. = Faith Allen, witness for the prosecution

Excerpts of the hearing and trial can be found here.

So Faith Allen (and we must believe what she says, otherwise she would have committed perjury, of which I don't want to accuse her). says, the morning after the "hypnosis" session she wakes up while Charles Brown is in the house. A man, whom she suspects of sexual assault. Charles Brown could or could not have been there all night, nevertheless he is there when Faith awakes.

My question is, how was Faith Allen capable of protecting Masha from this man when she was in a subconscious state or sleeping all night when this alleged sexual predator was possibly roaming the premises?

Before going to the events of September 2006, let's look into the media appearances you talk about. The first media appearance of Masha (called Mea at the time) and Faith Allen is on May 5, 2005 on Wesh 2, Orlando, followed by a string of other interviews immediately following. To my knowledge Mr. Marsh was not retained by Faith Allen at that time. Mr. Marsh himself claims to be retained end of June 2005  “to uncover the truth about Masha's government-approved international adoption by Matthew Mancuso”. From July 2005 to December 2005 there is media silence and neither Masha nor Faith Allen appear in interviews, until ABC news' PrimeTime features an interview with Masha on December 1, 2005. So your statement that Masha is being paraded by Mr. Marsh and Ms. Flatley can be placed in a different light when we know Masha was already paraded in the media prior to their involvement. I don't know who did the earlier "parading", but it all had to happen with Faith Allen's consent.

Even if you are right and Mr. Marsh and Ms. Flatley are responsible for parading Masha on national television, what does that say about the gullibility of Faith Allen, who had to consent to this. Doesn't Masha need a stable family life that can protect her from outside influences?

Now let's go to the events of September 20 - 27, 2006. What we know for certain is that on September 20, 2006, Faith Allen was honored as an Angel in Adoption™, an award I personally don't hold in high regard, especially since Keith Wallace (CEO of FTIA) had received that very award the year before. Not to speak of the induction of Hannah Wallace who served with Jeannene Smith on the board of Focus on Adoption, who received the award in 2003. Both of these recipients were probably lauded as much as Faith Allen was. That's how things go at these events.

In any case somewhere between September 20 and September 27, 2006, something happened due to which Masha gets to stay with Amanda Slaten for a week. We know that Faith Allen, Masha and Mr. Marsh are all in DC on September 20. We also know that on September 27 Amanda Slaten claims in the Douglas County Sheriff's report that Masha had been with her for 1 week in her house in Georgia. Which places the event of Masha's "placement" with Mrs. Slaten around September 20, maybe a day later.

I was not there that day and I must assume, "Friend of Masha", neither were you. What we can conclude is that someone arranged for Masha to stay with Amanda Slaten. My immediate question is: "Why did Faith Allen not prevent this?". Was she even around at that particular point in time? Where was Faith Allen? Was she still in DC? Was Masha still in DC?

You call the arrival of Faith Allen and her Attorney Diane M. Sternlieb, the "rescue" of Masha, which I find peculiar given the narrative of the complaint and it certainly shows a bias towards the events, because technically Faith Allen came to take custody of Masha.


So instead of rescuing Masha from the cruel hands of child abductors, her daughter has been at the house of a friend of hers, who refused to let Masha go because of a possible abuse situation.


Apparently DFACS doesn't look into allegations of abuse and obediently Masha does as she is told.


After Masha has been told to go with her mother, Mr. Marsh calls the Sheriff's office and states: "MASHA WAS ENDANGER WITH THE MOTHER, AND BELIEVED THERE NEEDED TO BE FURTHER ACTION.

After consultation with Sgt. Ken Harper, Masha was taken into custody and transported to Douglas County Wellstar Hospital for medical evaluation

I honestly find your interpretation of the events a misrepresentation. Why don't you mention the abuse allegations, the statement about "killing herself"? Why don't you mention the relationship between Faith Allen and Amanda Slaten?

In short why are you on a crusade against Mr. Marsh? In that sense you are more influenced by him than I am. I certainly read Mr. Marsh' posts, but after that I conduct my own research into the matter by carefully reading all material provided. You on the other hand seem to be driven by an antipathy towards Mr. Marsh, leading to wild speculation and misrepresentation of events. You told me before not to speculate. I'd say you are the pot calling the kettle black.

Media Parade

Media Parade? Again it must be said that Masha was dragged kicking and screaming onto the Oprah show, an appearance that was VEHEMENTLY opposed by both Mr. Marsh and myself, as were many of the other proposed media "opportunities" others involved in Masha's life - not just Faith - were eager to pursue.

I'm assuming that this post was written by someone currently on Faith's legal team. If so, you might want to try getting some first hand information on this because you don't know what you're talking about.

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