The business of children adopted (compliation by Direct Help Foundation)

Date: 2004-08-27

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The business of children adopted

Publicación: SAMAY NATIONAL WEEKLY  (about Nirmala Thalpa)
Page 26
Author: Kiran Bhandari

Kathmandu –  At the age of 29 years is not just the mother of seven, but a helpless widow. Recently, another problem has appeared in his life.  Of the seven children entrusted to Bal Mandir (a school for poor children and orphans) for their care, three are in Spain. After knowing this, is very angry and irritated. How to get there?  knows nothing.

Child Protection Center located in Samakushi  gave custody of three Spanish families through, as has been alleged, through fraud and deceit. According to the Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare, the children were adopted by Rosa María,  María Teresa  and Vladimir Ripoll Rosell and were subsequently sent to different Spanish cities.

However, the only hope and wish of Nirmala was to see his children grow well. After losing their children, Nirmala has  gone back and forth explaining his case in the office of the CDO,  Police, Ministry of Foreign, different organizations, NGOs and anyone interested in their tragedy. By counting and recounting the sad story of separation from their beloved sons, sometimes melancholic and becomes manifestly sad and then suddenly full of rage and thrown to mourn. Accusing the Child Protection Center to send their children to Spain and claiming that cheating was an act fraudulent, the last month has gone daily to the office of la CDO (Chief District Officer) asking for justice.  Who authorized the center to raise their children, admitted to study, as adoptable children?.  She asks only one thing: "I do not know anything , I just want my kids back. "

Lav Hari Acharya, a civil servant, is angry with Nirmala and explodes: "I could return the former king Birenda, but your children never will. So do not confront me better to Sabitri. Sabitri Basnet, former employee at Bal Mandir, is administering the Child Protection Center. Her husband,  the former police inspector Jitendra Basnet, is director of the center. But still, despite everything that worked in against, Nirmala has not given up and said without feeling defeated she did not give permission for their children to be abroad. Affirming that Sabitri gave to their children without their knowledge or consent, remains steadfast in his belief that their children should be returned. Instead of discovering the conclusions facts at the beginning, when officials from the office of the CDO were deaf to all entreaties, the desperate and at  times full of anger, Nirmala said with tears in her eyes, » "Do whatever you want, but never under injustices bribery.
Neupane, Chief District Officer, said: "As the Nirmala case is very complex, we are investigating very seriously. Making it clear that the document certified by la the district administration can not be overlooked, said:  "Before recommending the provision of child care adopted, first check the children's parents and only then the process continues. But I can not say  what happened this time. "

Taking this case as an example, and I suspect widespread irregularities in the matter of adopting children, the Kathmandu District Administration has made every process more stringent. "We are determined only after considering the reputation of the organization in question, "said Neupane, "only after analyzing the intentions of some the center of the child, approve the adoption of the dossier children. As for three months the administration has taken a very restrictive policy on the subject, some 76 records are gathering dust in the Kathmandu District Administration.

Over the past five years, about 706 Nepali children were adopted abroad. With each passing year, this number is growing at an alarming. Besides, Bal Mandir, thirteen other schools have been sending children as sons / daughters adopted to different countries of Europe and America. Sources government, and support individuals and organizations involved that sending a child abroad as a child adopted there is a transaction between $5,000 and $ 10,000.
Centers open for the sole purpose of "charity and service" has established itself a mercantilist mindset. At the center of  Samakushi children, some students have received 78 students family and full scholarships. The center says with pride that in three years 54 children have been sent abroad sons / daughters adopted.

After transferring the custody of young children, as of Nirmala, abroad, is wrong and unfair to throw center of relatively older children and adolescents (who are less likely to be adopted). Center children make a good deal when they give children for adoption, and this is a secret very well known.

Meanwhile, Nirmala has not requested that their sons and daughters. "No money has called and said he wants his children. How I will return to their children if they are already abroad? "said Sabitri. He even was willing to accommodate other Nirmala children and if it goes and apologizes to agree. To the gates of which agency should call Nirmala (and many other mothers to suffer like her) in this type of situation?. Neupane, CDO, try answering this: "Our work only recommend, is the Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare will decide. "

Minister of Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare Asta Laxmi Shakya, told us that there is a serious problem in sending children as sons / daughters adopted abroad. Reported that the government has created a special committee to find action to cut these deplorable practices.

The business of children adopted

I, Shushila Sunuwar, a citizen of Nepal, in August 2003 gave to my daughter Sabina Sunuwar in adoption through Basanta Rijal, director of Nepal Helpless Children Home, Godawari under the following conditions:

1 .- The girl lived in Spain while she would like. If you do not, could return to Nepal.

2 .- I would not lose contact with my daughter. Receive messages from her phone, internet, etc. From time to time.

3 .- After three years or sixteen, Sabina could return to Nepal to visit his family.

4 .- He will provide money to repair your home or a new home ground and through the adoptive Spaniards.

5 .- My other daughter, Sarmila, go to a Spanish hospital for an operation you need.

So far, none of the above conditions have been met. I have not received any message about a Sabina Sunuwar, my daughter

I, Shushila Sunuwar, declare that:

My sister, Sabita Sunuwar, agreed to give her daughter up for adoption Samjhana Sunuwar internationally through Basanta Rijal, director of Nepal Helpless Children Home, Godawari, and we signed in the CDO, in the presence of family Spanish adopter. Now, before the final signature to complete the adoption process, the president Hemant Rijal, Basanta Rijal's brother, is making mental and physical abuse the girl. Therefore, Sabita Sunuwar has changed her mind and girl Samjhana Sunuwar is living with her mother again.

I, Shushila Sunuwar, worked for Basanta Rija in the orphanage and children mentioned. He threatened to fire me and take me to the police if my niece is not returned or not delivered to the orphanage again.

Letter Anmol Tharpa

I write this letter as a complaint against Basanta Rijal, director of "Nepal Asahaya Balghar" by appropriating deceit of the funds of the organization for their own benefit. "Nepal Asahaya Balghar 'receives the sum of 3,000 Euros or NRS 270,000 for each child sent for adoption to Spain. So far it has sent 6 children to Spain for adoption, therefore receive 18,000 Euros or that NRS 1,620,000 deposited in Kumari Bank Pvt-Ltd.

But when I, as treasurer of "Nepal Asahaya Balghar" bank checked the balance, I realized that there were only NRS 25,680 in savings account N.A.B.G. and NRS 171,419 in its current account!.

Doubting the fraudulent appropriation of money from the account, I asked Basanta Rijal for a clear explanation about the money missing from the account of N.A.B.G. and to provide a full report of expenditures and investments by the organization. He refused to cooperate and asked me to resign my position as treasurer for investigating the matter. This proves that he took fraudulent funds N.A.B.G. for their own benefit and expenses. Therefore I ask that all the Spanish donor agencies and individuals that support adoptions, stop any relationship Mr. Basanta Rijal financial and has no support in carrying out programs for adoption in Spain.

Thank you.
Anmol Thapa

Press Releases
Published in the newspaper:
"Nepal Samacharpatra", Saturday 25 September 2004
(Translated from Nepali to English and English to Castilian)  and by PPL back to English via Google
Shubekchha Bindu, Kathmandu

Sale of children under the name of adoption

Sale of children to foreigners or abroad under the protection of orphaned children, threatening parents with arrest terrorists if they were to see their children. Is this the work of social organization?. No, but the organization social called "Mukti Nepal has done, bypassing any limits of humanity.

When 'Mukti Nepal learned that Mitra Karki, Nepalese citizen resident in Shankhuwasabha was poor and could not meet the basic needs of their children, began to commit a crime. Mukti Nepal took their children from his temporary apartment in Jarpati with the name of adoption.

The directors of Mukti Nepal, Goma Leutel and Deepa Sharma were easy to take with them the two innocent children, convincing  to parents who send their children to a domestic college and a future that would go abroad to continue their studies if necessary. Presented to children as orphans.

When the directors of Mukti Nepal made them believe the dream that their children could study at a domestic college, the economically disadvantaged parents, Mitra Karki and Rama Karki, easily put your heart [faith] into the hands of Goma and Deepa. But when not allowed to visit their children knew something bad was happening to them.

When the mother, Rama Karki, came to Mukti Nepal to visit children, he said they come back, that children were not there because they were studying at school. Always told him that off with excuses and lies. Then Mitra Karki visited Mukti Nepal on September 17, but also kicked out. Since then, the distrust in the work of Mukti Nepal
increased and Mr. Karki sought help from several organizations working for children.

On September 22 Mr. Karki Mukti Nepal again visited with members of other organizations. But he was captured, locked in a room and tortured physically. Not only this, Goma and Deepa rioja interogated the Nepalese citizen like a terrorist. He was then beaten by the army in the office of Nepal at Mukti Balaju and taken to a barrack. On
September 23, when Mr. Karki explained everything, took him to the police station in Balaju, where he was [bade?} a good day.

Mr. Karki, which suffers from not being able to provide education to their children for being poor, has also suffered physically as reported the journalist of  Nepal Samachar Patra on Friday. Poverty and the times have led to this situation, nor whether recover their children. When the case of the Karki family came to light, the CDO ordered to take Goma and Deepa under control. The eldest son of Mr. Karki of six years, was sent to Spain for adoption, and the small, four years, is in the process being sent to the USA. This news came to light on police investigations of Friday September 24, and the CDO gave orders to stop the process of the minor child.

After the incident on Friday, the head of the CDO, Bamanan Prasad Adhikari, gave orders to investigate the case further and Deepa Goma, leading to high security police, and said it was in the process of finding Prabesh Karki, son Mr. Karki less, and give it to their parents.

Article published in the newspaper:
The Himalayan - 26 September 2004

Torture follows trickery

Razen Manandhar
Kathmandu, September 25

A man whose two sons are in a NGO Mukti Nepal, was accused of being a Maoist and tortured physically and mentally  for visiting. In December, the NGO Mukti Nepal cojió to Pawan Karki (6 years) and Pravesh Karki (4 years), children of Mitra Bahadur Thapa, a Jorpati worker with low income ensuring that children have free education up to Grade 10 and could have the opportunity to study in if present to accept foreign children as orphans.

Since then Thapa was not allowed to visit their children, nor was he informed of their whereabouts. However, on Wednesday decided to visit the office of Mukti Nepal Balaju with three sympathizers CWIN and other organizations. But not only was not allowed to see his children but he was accused of being a Maoist militant.

He was then be delivered to the Royal Nepalese Army, where he was blindfolded for more than 24 hours and questioned him trying to confirm the charges of the NGO. When the RNA found nothing that incriminated him, and they released him and sent him post of the Balaju Police.

From here, the three who had accompanied him to the office of Mukti Nepal, took him to the Kathmandu Chief Administration Office.

Chief District Officer informed of their plight and unpleasant experience, and claimed the right to meet with their children. The collaboration of Bamanan Prasad Upadhyaya (CDO), and the police, last night led to the arrest of the leaders of Mukti Nepal, Goma Luitel and Dipa Sharma.

However, after they were released on condition of returning the children to Thapa as soon as possible. Although the small child is at the NGO, the older has been sent to Spain.

Thapa, from the Sankhuwasabha district, told The Himalayan Post that when he went to the office of Mukti Nepal Goma Luitel called a man who claimed to be security personnel.

"We were threatened and he sent home the others that were with me. I was beaten and handed over to the army, who covered me eyes and took me to an unknown location ", said Thapa.

Indeed, were that the Goma and Dipa Thapa handed over to the army, claiming that four armed Maoists came to threaten in the office. Told RNA that while three escaped, Thapa was arrested.

A distant tragedy, the children sold Nepal

by Mari Lucia Bueno
Kathmandu, September 25

Excerpts from the article:
"Nirmala Thapa, 29, mother of seven children, a widow and illiterate. Issued a certificate of poverty in the CDO (Chief District Officer) of its people will allowed to enter six elllos According to her in an orphanage, "Sabitiri Basniat ADMINISTRATOR of the orphanage Helpess Children's Protection Home, told me that was going to care until met the 16 years. " But three have been adopted by three Spanish families. The mother says that Baniat told him: 'Sign here  for the protection and care these children, but what Thapa accepted the resignation was a mark for their children. Said that Before long Basniat he admitted that three of them are in Spain, without possibility of recurrence. ........» El País. Mari Lucia Bueno


Adoptions in Nepal, a business is difficult to avoid. To understand how the world of adoptions Nepal, it is necessary to understand the environment in which they occur in most cases ... a cultural, religious, political and economic rather than the accustomed in the West.

Behind a smile is a story, sometimes very simple, it called poverty ,.... the smile of the poor. Smile men and women who never had access to school or know read or write, and whose reference point is: What you say Moreover, they hear it .... what is rumored.

Leaving out of the Kathmandu valley and in some tourist areas, Otherwise it is difficult to cultivate land ... that Mountain high only produce snow ... houses distributed among the valley and mountains, with families living in the milk of a buffalo or a small corn field .... and many children disheveled that you come to ask you a pencil, since that no sponsor could hardly go to school as others.

The smile of the poor, the poor in spirit .....
They think they come from rich countries, where everything is wonderful and full of facilities .... where everything works However, the products are quality and you can study .... us respected more for what we have than what we are. Many families dream of how they could send their children to ... Europe to study, then returned as doctors, architects, pilots .... and could be changed so ......, things.

They have lost all confidence in their government, justice, in progress within their environment ....

What mother, what family, not in front of so much poverty in dreams a future which we see in their children when their environment is very difficult to survive?

Tourists have a lot of money ... to buy a newspaper worth one rupee ticket descambian a hundred ... open their portfolio and there are no coins, only notes, some of whom they see for the first time ....

Tourists are healthy, strong, well equipped, they study, pay for a hotel night they had not won in two months ... this is what they see when they see us as his peoples.

Maybe start here .. deception, like the dream I can not in my village, my son can do when return from Europe or America .... the desire to leave the poverty, the difficulties .... but how to get it? How get my son or daughter to study in Europe or America. and
can get us out of so much misery?

Possibly all remember the story of Moses, whose mother seeing the difficulties that the Jewish people had in Egypt decided to put his son in a basket and that the river life to lead to a better life. Perhaps this was one of the first adoptions registering history, when an Egyptian woman to see the basket came her child and found a beautiful name you put Moses (Mo Isis - the son of Isis) according to some historians. We must bear in mind that the families are poor, more humble, the most needy, those who are forced by the
pressure of his environment to his miserable child, thinking that the river of life will return to his son one day his people .... always hope.

Egyptian women also adopted as Moses did a mother, educating as a prince, not watching it missing anything, because this woman was a gift from Isis.
What is to take today? Definition: A full adoption, as we give to parents adopted in Nepal, it means that the biological family, Completely renounced their son or daughter, without having right to claim, or contact with the child in all his life.

This does not mean that when the child is of age is prohibited from obtaining information about their origins, if the child wants know from where, you have everything right at your request information and of course to receive, you can visit your country home as any citizen of the world, but always they so wish.

And for the adoptive family, the acceptance of that child or girls will be for his entire life with the same obligations as if any birth, these children have equal rights that if they were biological.

Adopt a humanitarian act.

The spirit that moves an individual or family to adopt is basically a humanitarian act of generosity, because is to accept a child as their own, and with all have the same rights as if it were a biological child is a commitment for life.

Consistently we see families who come to Nepal to take and realize that they do with generosity and hope be helping a child who really needs ... Often come to Nepal without knowing that this child has families here and in many cases are asking in advance
the child to be completely orphaned, precisely to avoid be removed to their parents.

We want to defend the families who adopt as to give their children up for adoption because we believe honestly that except for some minor exceptions, the two parties act with good faith and transparency, seeking rioja best for the child.

But to build a new world where adoptions are totally free, fair and humane, we have to unmask this environment that enslaves mafioso, rioja dirty and dehumanizing, even at the risk of our own lives.

Take statements, testimony and reports signed by women who have been deceived, or that documents signed demonstrate how they had distributed the money paid in a orphanage, or bank accounts and detailed entries, are not enough weapons to finish this business known as popularly as the "sale of children" as some rioja rightly newspapers published articles on adoptions.

Our work in Nepal is not to open a direct war against all these persons and entities, we feel that those who work for their personal benefit and to have their reward ... Our job is, among others, to seek a clean way, so that adoptive families as those that give up their children for adoption do so with transparency and freedom, including the willingness of the child and contemplating their most fundamental rights.

If we can not ensure that adoptions are view again as a humanitarian act, soon the adoptive families will be seen only as people
bought a child in another country. We know that adoption of this act are love of which were born, it requires effort from all parties. We know that this desire exists in families or persons as adoptive parents in giving their children adoption and that some people in power are already want to bring order and control in all of this.

Those who have experienced or want to continue living in adoptions have to be left out, like an old man dressed question, because they do nothing, absolutely nothing to promote social welfare, because once it achieved its little money they care about the pain they have caused in the two parts .... then only they have the option of denying the things, I do not know anything, that they had no information or any other excuse.

These children have now been sold for cash to families Spanish, one day older and will ask their parents: Since I bought? Where I come from? E investigated a little bit will not be difficult to find out that in Nepal, when they were small, hundreds of mothers and poor families were forced or lured with false promises and threats to surrender their children for nothing.

In many cases, they are still awaiting the return of their children, because they promised to return once trained. In others gave their children forced by poverty to the environment, lack of opportunities for progress, as the documents attached.

We must be clear that one way or another, adoptions are the result of poverty, is the direct result of families humble that nothing can give their children, not even hope for life. We can not allow more children to be stolen from their families and we are presented as orphans because their photo appeared in a newspaper for one day and nobody complained. Newspaper that the family could not be read simply because they do not read, and therefore do not buy newspapers and less remote locations where they do not arrive.

Attempting to know the truth about where each child is much more complex than might appear at first view, especially in countries where official documents can be created from scratch or bought with money, where the indices Illiteracy is high and where he meets a poverty threshold.

How can we help?. There are some solutions, but are not comprehensive, and depend largely on the willingness to know the truth and act on the part of the adoptive families and entities involved in an adoption, which requires effort and time that not everyone is willing to offer.

If adoptions are a business for some, the simplest would be to stop, meaning that they were free, because while an adoption involves a "gift" between 3,000 and 4,000 Euros (between 120 and 150 times the average monthly wage of a person in Nepal) and this money will not reverse in social work, but the benefit of the leaders of the orphanage and their honorable representatives and agents, then a business will remain very difficult to avoid.

While the family that "surrender" to their children and the adopting family can not talk freely and openly, it will be a difficult business
to avoid. While the families' delivered 'to their children can not read what they sign with their fingerprints, will be a difficult business
avoid. Until we get all of us, remains a difficult business to avoid ..... but nothing is impossible!


On one hand we see families coming to Nepal in good faith, believe in giving all the love and affection to a child in need, and On the other hand we see families who are forced to give their children as a result of an environment that is very hard and difficult solution.

So far as everything is clean, honest, transparent and very human .... until they see other people involved in adoptions the possibility of personal profit, a quick and easy way to make money.

And here is where the drama begins to adoptions where there is more demand than supply, when they take money, and where this money goes into the pockets of people who see adoption as a business ... they almost never have taken not interested in the welfare of children, ... they are interested in money and power.

If adoptions are free many of these people would be in another business, but currently adoptions move nearly as much money as the business with weapons and drugs, and are also better covered legally and socially acts are considered humanitarian.


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