Excerpt from UNICEF/TDH:

Date: 2008-08-30

Excerpt from UNICEF/TDH: ADOPTING the rights of the child; A study on intercountry adoption and its influence on child protection in Nepal

The case of a mother who dowsed herself in kerosene and set herself alight after discovering that her child had been sent for intercountry adoption without her consent has been documented in a book published in Italy. Sunita had entrusted her child to a child centre until her financial situation improved and would allow her to take care of her child again. In the meantime, thechild centre sent the child abroad for adoption. Sunita, in her grief, wanted to end her suffering. However, she survived and decide to seek justice, but the authorities she turned to simply ridiculed her and told her that she would never see her child again.

 Gilioli, A (2007) Premiata macelleria delle Indie, Biblioteca Universale Rizzoli, Milan.

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