Current India to Australia Program

Date: 2008-09-01

We are aware of the recent media attention on allegations relating to child trafficking from particular adoption agencies in India. The allegations are of great concern to the Australian Government. Any enquiries about specific adoptions should be directed towards your State or Territory Central Authority in the first instance.

ACA recently advised that CARA has reissued a licence for the adoption agency Balwant Kartar Anand Foundation (known as Preet Mandir). CARA advises that no evidence was found to substantiate the allegations about corruption raised in 2006, which resulted in the suspension of the intercountry adoption licence of Preet Mandir.

CARA has reinstated Preet Mandir’s licence for one year and states they will review the licence after six months. CARA states that renewal of Preet Mandir’s licence will be subject to "significant improvement in its in-country adoption as well as intercountry adoption performance."

ACA is in ongoing discussion with CARA about a range of issues, including the agency Preet Mandir. Further information is currently being sought about what performance improvement measures CARA has put in place for the agency and how these will be monitored. Until further information has been received, files will not be sent to this agency.

The Australian Central Authority (ACA) works with ICAS and other states and territories. The ACA is responsible for management and development of Australia’s government-to-government relations with respect to intercountry adoption and for ensuring that Australia responsibly further develops our intercountry adoption programs.


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